Cajun Cookin'

Thanks for making Week 1 a big success everybody!  Here's a look at what's to come, and a little bit about this week's dish:

Tuesday, July 20:
Cajun Red Beans & Rice with 'gator meat (actually, chicken sausage, but your kids might think gator meat is more fun!)
(vegetarian option:  Cajun Red Beans & Rice w/o meat)
Spinach Salad with my favorite dressing!

Tuesday, July 27:
Ninfa's Fajitas (Chicken, Beef or Portobello Mushrooms) with flour tortillas and all the fixings for a fun, make your own fajita family party
Grilled veggies
Chili con queso & chips

Tuesday, August 3:
Orzo Two Ways (with red sauce & feta for your kids, loaded with chicken, veggies, feta & greek dressing for grown-ups)
(vegetarian option:  skip the chicken)
Hummus & pita chips for snacking

This coming Tuesday, we're dishing up some down-home Louisiana cooking - Cajun Red Beans and Rice with Chicken Andouille Sausage.  If you've been down to Louisiana, you know it's a big speciality down there, and with good reason!  Our version will be slightly healthier, using brown rice instead of white, and chicken sausage instead of pork, but hopefully just as tasty!  I will prepare a very mild version (as opposed to the super-spicy enchiladas!) and leave it to you to spice it up with Tabasco sauce (or Texas Pete's, if you're not into keeping the whole thing "Louisiana").  I'll give you a little side dish of shredded cheese, even though that's not normally part of the dish, since I can't think of anything that's not better with cheese.  (I shred it myself, rather than buying it pre-shredded, in case you, like me, are not into whatever additives they put into shredded cheese to keep it from clumping together - yuck!)

You'll also get an organic spinach salad with fresh mushroom, peppers, croutons and a little blue cheese.  The dressing is an organic sesame tahini that is my absolute favorite!

Dessert ($5 extra) will be cornbread muffins - I realize, not a typical dessert, but they have a great, sweet flavor that goes equally well with the red beans and rice or with a little butter and honey as a nice after dinner treat.  If you don't want to order the muffins, you can always pick up a box of Jiffy mix the next time you're at the store - my kids love them for breakfast as well!

To place your order, just email me at with your name, order, and address.  If you won't be home between 4-5 on Tuesday, just leave a cooler with a little ice at your front door.  Then when you get home, you'll have dinner on the porch!