Mmmm ... Enchiladas Verdes

So, growing up in Houston, we took for granted the absolutely fabulous Mexican food readily available all around us.  Until I got to college, I didn't even realize that there were some people who didn't know the difference between Pace picante sauce and salsa!  Now, I'm not making any claims that my enchiladas are as good as any you'd find in Tejas, but they're not bad either.  Plus, I will admit, they are much healthier than the perennial Texas favorite:  the Cheese Enchilada Platter - basically, cheese rolled in a tortilla, covered in more cheese and red sauce.

Our Rio Grande Enchiladas are made with chicken breast, organic spinach, spices, cheddar cheese, and homemade verde sauce (tomatillos, avocados, spices, yum!).

The Black bean and corn salad is made with organic corn, cilantro, peppers, and black beans made from scratch, not from a can.  You'll like it.

Our guacamole is fresh and spicy.  It's hard not to like even bad guacamole, I'll admit, but this stuff is addictive.  Even my kids like it!

This week's dessert will be banana chocolate chip muffins, made with nice, squishy, real bananas.  They are great breakfast treats for kids if there are any left over.  ($5 for 6 muffins)

Your order will be delivered by 5 pm, so if you won't be home, just leave a small cooler with a little ice on your porch or by the door, and it'll be there waiting for you.  Your dinner will not be frozen, so you won't have to wait forever to eat, and there will be instructions for heating in the bag.

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