Back to school, back to dinners on the porch!

Hi dinners on the porch fans!

I hope the end of your summer was great and relaxing, and I hope you didn't find yourself in the kitchen too often!  I spent the last few weeks relaxing and traveling with my family, and now I'm getting everyone off to school (yay!).  I just wanted to update everyone with some new info, even though the first dinner of the year isn't until September 7th.

General Stuff:

1.  Join the Club:  Even if you haven't ordered or don't know if you will, please let me know if you want to keep getting the weekly emails.  I hate to add to the email clutter in the world, so I'll start to cull out folks who don't get back to me after a while.  All you have to do is shoot me an email at saying "keep me on the list!"  Just do it once, right now, and you'll be a member of the club, but there's no pressure to order.  If you have a friend who wants to get the emails, just let them know to send me an email and I'll add them to the distribution list.

2.  Weekly menu emails will go out on Thursday night, and your orders must be in before Saturday morning to guarantee that I can provide your meal.  I won't say that I absolutely would not add to the list after that, but I don't like to possibly shortchange someone who ordered early because I squeezed too many people in at the last minute.

3.  The Landfill Issue:  I have thought alot about packaging, and I haven't come up with a perfect solution, but I have invested in some awesome containers - Snapware - that are dishwasher safe, BPA-free and have a great seal.  If you are someone who orders often, I will start delivering your dinners in labeled Snapware.  You can use it for the week and then just leave it back out for me the next time you are receiving a delivery.  If you forget, no big deal, just stick it out next time.

Yummy Stuff:

1.  I am so excited about some of the menus I've been planning.  You can look forward to more ethnic dishes, such as a great chicken curry recipe that I got from a friend whose mom got it from her mom in India, or a vietnamese chicken dish that's great for kids and parents alike.  And I will always go back to my tex-mex favorites, with an eye towards things that are fun for the whole family, like make your own tacos.

2.  If I am making a dish that I think is best spicy, I will let you know and offer a mild version as well.

3.  I will be offering some standing items that you can always add to your order, such as chili con queso and brownies.  I had been on the fence about desserts, so I probably won't offer a new one every week, just occasionally when I think up something tasty, but I am always happy to make brownies.  

Free Stuff:

1.  Fifth meal is free:  If you order four weeks in a row, you'll get the next week of dinner for free.

2.  My kids want to make the business more like McDonald's by adding toys to your dinner.  Since I'm happy that at least they're not asking me to take them to McDonald's, I've agreed that we can give toys away every now and then.  Let me know the ages/sex of your kids when you order and you may find a little surprise in your bag (very little, but it's the idea that they seem to love!).

3.  Check the blog for other random freebies!