King Ranch Casserole with Southwestern Salad

Tuesday, September 28th:  
King Ranch Chicken Casserole - spicy or mild
Southwestern Salad
Homemade Salsa & Chips
Vegetarian Option:  King Ranch Casserole with Kidney Beans
Dessert:  Carrot Cake Cupcakes ($6 for 6 muffins with DIY Cream Cheese Icing)
(Extra Frozen Casserole $18)

Y'all, I am not positive this is true, but I'm pretty sure that if you die in Texas and no one brings a King Ranch Casserole to your wake, you may not be getting into Heaven right away.  No one knows for sure - it's never happened because no one would even risk it (and all Texans go straight to Heaven, but we can't be sure if it's the casserole or just our godly ways).  Anyway, I figured you'd better try one just to make sure you know what a King Ranch Casserole is in case you're ever at a Texas funeral and wonder what all the old ladies are bringing in the door.

The King Ranch is the biggest cattle ranch in Texas, and they don't raise chickens (and actually most of their money is from oil), so I'm not sure why anyone named a chicken casserole after the ranch, but that's people for you.  The casserole is full of good things like shredded chicken breast, tomatoes, bell peppers, cheese, green olives and onions, and layered with corn tortillas.  It's our version of comfort food.  You can request yours spicy - with roasted Hatch chiles, of course, or mild - without any peppers.  This is a great item to keep in your freezer and whip out for unexpected company, so I'm going to go ahead a freeze a few in case anybody wants an extra.

Your salad will be tasty and healthy, with spinach, black beans, corn, colorful chopped peppers and cheese.  Top it with our homemade jalapeno ranch dressing, or your own favorite.

While you're waiting for the casserole to warm up, enjoy my all-time favorite green salsa from one of my all-time favorite restaurants - Ninfa's, in Houston.  I treasure the recipe, and I think you'll love it too.

For dessert, I am so excited for Carrot Cake Cupcakes!  I got to try a sample an order of these the other day, and I am can't wait for Tuesday to get my order from the baker!  They will come as traditional carrot cake muffins, full of shredded carrots, raisins and cinnamon (but no nuts!), and then a ziplock bag of homemade cream cheese frosting.  You can let your young chef snip off the corner of the bag and pretend he or she is a pastry chef in a fancy bakery icing his own cupcake!  If you have an extra, you might just find yourself having it with a second cup of coffee the next day after you get the kids off to school - and we won't tell anyone if you frost it!  (6 cupcakes for $6)

Get your orders in early!  This week I am going to stop accepting orders at 20 dinners, since last week things got a little crazy.  If you have already ordered, I have you down, but please email me to specify whether you would like your casserole spicy or mild, and if you want dessert.  You can email your order to  Dinners will be delivered between 3:45 and 5:15 on Tuesday afternoon, and if you won't be home, just leave a cooler with a little ice out on your porch and you dinner will be waiting for you when you get there.  If you live outside of the delivery zone - or it you would just prefer to pick up, you are welcome to pick up your meal anytime between 2 and 7 pm.

Thanks so much for making dinners on the porch so much fun, y'all!