There's a Chili in the Air - White Turkey Chili with Cannellini Beans

Tuesday, October 5th:
Crudité Plate with Pimento Hummus
White Turkey Chili with Cannellini Beans (not spicy!)
White Rice & sides for chili (shredded cheese, jalapenos, cilantro, limes)
Dessert:  Chewy Molasses Gingersnaps with candied ginger bits ($5)
Vegetarian Option:  Tofu Chili with Cannellini Beans
Kids' Option:  Large turkey, bean & cheese quesadilla ($5)

Is it Summer?  Is it Fall?  Long sleeves?  Short sleeves?  Who knows!  This transitional weather season is always a little trying, but at least you can enjoy a great transitional menu this week.

Start your night off with fresh, raw veggies sliced up to please everyone.  Enjoy them plain or dip into delicious, healthy, pimento hummus.  We eat so much hummus at our house - I always have a little bowl out while I'm cooking for me and the kids snack on with carrots or crackers - it's such a great, low-cal way to tide everyone over until dinner.  Plus, it makes eating veggies much more fun!  Your crudité plate will be nice and colorful with peppers, mushrooms, snap peas and anything else that looks tasty at the farmers' market.
Our white chili is hearty and satisfying, but a little lighter than the meaty chili you will be craving when the weather really turns cold (I can't wait to make that in a few months!).  Our version is healthy and loaded with flavor - lots of turkey, corn, poblano peppers, red peppers, cilantro, onions, garlic, and lovely, buttery cannellini beans.  We'll keep it very mild so that everyone in the family can enjoy it, but we'll set you up with a side of jalapenos in case there's someone in your family who likes it spicy!  Serve it over the rice and top it with anything you can think of.  We'll give you a side of cheese, cilantro, jalapenos and limes, but you might throw on sour cream, green onions, corn chips or hot sauce.  This is another dish that freezes well, so add on an extra serving of chili for $15 if you want to stock up your freezer for busy nights later this fall.

For dessert, our baker is mixing a batch of amazing, chewy ginger cookies.  We got to try a batch over here, and my kids declared them their favorite cookies.  They are great on their own, and I've also been thinking about a little scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side ...

Send your order to asap to get yours in before they run out!!

A few things to remember:
1.  Once again this week, we're going to limit orders to 20.  I hate to do that, but I keep running over the delivery time, and I don't want someone to have hungry kids on their hands and no dinner, so get your orders in early if you know you want dinner.
2.  This is "freebie" week for those people who ordered for the first four weeks.  If you are one of those people, I will email you to remind you not to pay, but please still email me to put in your order so that I don't accidentally leave you off of the list this week (and tell me if you want vegetarian/dessert/xtra, etc).
3.  Thanks for being so patient!  I have been learning on the go, and trying to be as organized as possible, but things inevitably slip through the cracks sometimes, and I really appreciate how nice y'all always are!
4.  If you have a great recipe or an idea for a meal that would be a fantastic dinner on the porch, please send it my way!  If I use your recipe or idea, I'll give you yours for free!