Stop Eating Halloween Candy!!!

Okay y'all, Halloween is not even here yet, and I've already eaten more fun-sized Three Musketeers than I'd care to count.  And it's not so "fun" anymore when I'm frantically digging through one of the kids' candy bags for a Twix and get caught by the owner!  Thankfully, Halloween will come and go, and eventually I guess we should put down the chocolate and eat a dinner that will satisfy our daily veggie requirement while still being very tasty.

Matt and I moved to Winston-Salem from Portland, OR, where we lived for four years while Matt completed his medical training.  We were scraping by on his resident salary, so there were not too many fancy dinners out, but whenever we had a chance to splurge a little, we headed out to a neighborhood restaurant called Perry's.  My all-time favorite meal there was called the "Warm Salad Special," and I've tried to recreate it for you this week.  They had a great raspberry Champagne cocktail that I also enjoyed, so maybe you can do the same before dinner!  I hope you'll enjoy all the fresh flavors and maybe it will help us remember that food doesn't have to be covered in chocolate and individually wrapped to satisfy a craving!

Tuesday, November 1st:
Perry's Warm Salad Special with Rosemary Grilled Chicken
Homemade Roasted Red Pepper & Olive Oil Dressing
Quinoa Salad with Red Peppers, Edamame & Fresh Basil
Olive Hummus with Pita Chips
Vegetarian Option:  Grilled Eggplant instead of Chicken
Kids' Option:  Plain Roasted Potatoes and Grilled Chicken ($5)
Dessert:  Fresh Banana & Chocolate Chip Muffins ($5)

The Warm Salad Special is basically a mixture of grilled chicken, grilled and roasted vegetables (red-skinned potatoes, mushrooms, onions, asparagus and snap peas), all marinated in olive oil, rosemary and sea salt, then served over a bed of fresh mixed greens.  We'll include goodies like blue cheese, grilled green onions and croutons to add if you like.  Top it all off with the roasted red pepper dressing, and you'll agree that this salad is no wimpy dish.

The Quinoa salad can be served as a side-dish or mixed in with the main salad.  If your kids like it, quinoa is a healthier alternative to pasta that's almost as easy to prepare.  It's also great as a lunch treat the next day!

I apologize if you're getting tired of hummus - I love it so much that I can't imagine anyone who doesn't! To change it up a bit, we'll add a little olive tapanade for a salty, savory flavor.

These banana muffins are one of the only things I ever bake, because my kids and husband beg me to, so this week I'm passing the recipe on to the baker to make them for all of you.  My kids love them as a dessert, but with all of the bananas in them, I often serve them for breakfast as well - it makes everybody happy!

The Fine Print:

  • To order, email your specifics to by Saturday morning.  Your meal will be delivered on Tuesday afternoon between 3:45 and 5:15, or you may pick up your meal anytime between 2-7 pm at 644 N Spring St (West End area).  
  • Please include your address - even if you have ordered before!  We want to update our file to make sure we have everyone correct.
  • Please include your specific order - how many meals, dessert or no dessert, vegetarian, etc.  I do my best to give everyone what they want, but it is hard to keep up with so many emails, so the fewer times I have to go back and forth with everyone, the more likely it will be that I get your order straight.
  • If you have a specific wish - such as "no olives on the hummus" - you can include that in your order, but I cannot guarantee that I can do it.  I will try, but the volume of orders makes it hard to do different things for every different person.  If you have an allergy, please let me know!
  • If you would like to send a meal to another person as a gift, just let me know that and I will email you with further instructions.  I can include a card or gift with the delivery for you if you would like as well.  

I hope you all have a spooky Halloween and that your little gobblins and Spidermen and princesses and ballerinas have lots of fun!

Thanks & hope to see you on the porch this week!