It's back on, baby!

Dinners on the Porch is back for more, and we're so glad you're here!  We have lots of great menus planned for the coming months, and a few new things were excited to introduce.
  • First, we talked about trying to solve that daunting problem facing all busy people - how to get through the week!?  Of course, there's a limit to our abilities - hard to believe, I know - but we are closing in on at least one aspect of this knotty problem!  Starting this week and continuing forward, each week we'll offer a "Get You Through the Week" meal in addition to the regular Tuesday dinner.  This will be a frozen dish designed to be a whole meal for your family in one pan.  We might offer a lasagna one week, chicken pie the next, and beef stew another.  You can choose to add this extra meal to your Tuesday dinner delivery, keep in in the freezer, and then - like magic - you have another weeknight dinner, solved!  So see what you think - we'll look forward to hearing your feedback!   
  • Second, coming soon, we'll have a new website where you can order online, so that will hopefully cut down on the ordering confusing.  We're just working on getting it all set up so that it will be user-friendly for any non-technical people (like myself), so look for an email about that in the next few weeks!
Anyway, here's what you're really here for, so let's get down to business - dinner!!

Tuesday, January 18th:
Avery Island Chicken & Sausage Gumbo w/ Rice
Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese & Homemade Roasted Red Pepper Dressing
Cheesy Cornbread
Vegetarian Option:  Vegetarian Gumbo with beans & rice
Kids' Option:  Crispy Baked Chicken Fingers ($5)
Dessert:  Salted Toffee Chocolate Squares ($5)
Get You Through the Week Meal:  Spinach & Butternut Lasagna with Homemade Fire-Roasted Tomato Marinara ($18)

With all of this miserable cold weather, I have been craving a big bowl of flavorful, hearty gumbo!  Avery Island, Louisiana is the home of the one and only Tabasco sauce, so I've named this dish in honor of that, but I promise to just add a little - you can add your own if you like your gumbo spicy.  I've perfected the roux - not an easy task, and added smoked chicken and turkey sausage, fresh chicken breast, and lots of okra and vegetables for a meal that's both healthy and so evocative of all that great Louisiana cuisine.

The salad will be simple but elegant - fresh spinach, mushrooms and goat cheese, with Homemade Roasted Red Pepper dressing.

And, of course, you can't really enjoy gumbo without cornbread, so you'll have a little loaf of your own cornbread to pop in the oven and serve warm with your dinner.

For dessert, I'm going to go ahead and highly recommend the Salted Toffee Chocolate Squares - I haven't had them yet, but I'm pretty sure that anything that is 1. salted, 2. toffee and 3. chocolate is going be my favorite thing to eat.  I really love dessert, and I really love that I can order a little bit of it every Tuesday without having a whole batch of cookies (or in this case Salted Toffee Chocolate Squares) in my house all week, just daring me to walk by without eating them.  It's the perfect little sweet treat - just enough, not too much.  Yum!

As I mentioned, we're adding the Get You Through the Week meal this week, and it is good!  I'm trying really hard to introduce new, seasonal vegetables to my family, and butternut squash is one of those that is great for more than just soup.  You will not miss the ground beef here - lots of flavor, lots of veggies and color, but in a familiar Italian dish that your whole family will love.  It will come frozen, so you can keep eat it later in the week with a loaf a fresh bread for an easy, healthy dinner!

To see some upcoming menus, click here!

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Hope you enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet now that all of the little darlings are back in school & we're looking forward to getting back on the porch with you!