Opa!! (You supply the ouzo!)

So, pasta and meatballs is hard to beat.  I know everyone has his or her own family recipe you fish out every so often, grease-stained and wrinkled.  I don't want to compete with your best meatballs!  So this is a little different, not better, just different!  Hearty, yet healthy - you'll like it.  And if you want the recipe, I'll pass it on and you can put it in your cupboard and use it until it is wrinkled and stained as well.  You can tell everyone that your Greek great-grandmother brought it over from the old country!

Tuesday, Feb. 1:
Greek Turkey Meatballs with feta & kalamata olives
Orzo Pasta with chopped tomatoes & vegetables in pesto
Eggplant Caviar & Hummus with Pita Chips
Vegetarian Option:  Portobello Mushrooms
Kids' Option:  Orzo with Homemade Bolognese ($5)
Dessert:  Georgia On My Mind Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies ($5)
Get You Through the Week Meal:  Beef or Vegetable Stew with Egg Noodles ($15 veg, $20 beef)

Imagine how sad we would all be without feta cheese and olives!  I don't know what the point would be, really.  The salty, savory flavors of feta and kalamata olives, along with fresh basil and garlic, add a great kick to turkey meatballs and keep them from becoming dry.  We just had some for dinner tonight, and the whole first batch was devoured before I could even get them on the table!

You know I love to use orzo pasta whenever possible, and I think it's a particularly great choice when you want to highlight fresh vegetables as we'll do here with this chopped veggie sauce in a nut-free pesto.  It will be great as a warm dish with the meatballs, and if you have leftovers, so tasty the next day with a little fresh spinach as a hearty lunch salad.

Before dinner, enjoy a little homemade roasted eggplant caviar and hummus - I think it's advisable to eat hummus every day, so I want to make sure you get on board this week!

peanut butter brownies
For dessert, please don't miss these Georgia On My Mind Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies.  Whereas neither Ray Charles nor Willie Nelson was ever able to get Georgia off of his mind, you will not be able to get these brownies off of yours.  I know, we're all trying to hold the line with our current waistlines, but this is worth the splurge.  Made with a peanut butter chocolate chip blondie base and covered in rich chocolate ganache, it's the perfect last little bite of the nite!

To Get You Through the Week, we're cooking up a hearty beef stew with lots of winter veggies.  In my personal experience, beef stew is pretty much guaranteed to make all men happy for some reason, so here's an easy way to do that without putting yourself to any trouble - and you know that's my goal for you!  Warm this up, throw the egg noodles in the pot, and watch the magic happen.

That's dinner this week for you, friends.  We have had several big weeks in a row, so order early if you want to get in before our 40 person cut-off by sending an email to dinnersontheporchorders@gmail.com.
If you know you want dinner but need time to figure out exactly what you need, just let me know to save you a place on the list and email me the specifics later.  If you have questions, check out the Order 411 page, or email me.

Thanks y'all & hope you enjoy dinner on the porch!!