The Return of Perry's Warm Salad Special - YUM!

I normally try to wait several months before repeating a menu so that people won't think we're just phoning it in over here at DOTP, but I have been craving Perry's Warm Salad Special and we've had requests to do it again, so I'm pulling it out of retirement for you (and for me!).  Plus, it's all very "green," so we'll get you in the mood for St. Patrick's Day.

Tuesday, November 1st: 
Perry's Warm Salad Special with Rosemary Grilled Chicken or Grilled Steak
Homemade Roasted Red Pepper & Olive Oil Dressing
Shamrock Salad (Israeli Couscous with lima beans, peas & edamame beans)
Green Olive Hummus with Pita Chips
Vegetarian Option:  Grilled Portobello Mushrooms instead of Chicken
Kids' Option:  Baked Potato and Grilled Chicken ($5)
GYTTW:  Lucky Shepherd's Pie (w/organic beef $20) or Shepherd-less Pie (w/veggies & beans $18)
Dessert:  Irish Cowboy Cookies ($5)

I think I already explained my love of this salad, but in case you are new, I really love it.  It's a salad that is so much more than "just a salad" - healthy, yes, but super delicious, hearty and satisfying.  When we living in Portland, OR, our favorite neighborhood restaurant was Perry's, and this was my go-to order there.  Strangely, in all the time we lived there, I never tried to make it, but once we moved away and I couldn't go to Perry's for my fix, I figured out how to do it myself!

The Warm Salad Special is basically a mixture of grilled chicken, grilled and roasted vegetables (red-skinned potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, asparagus and snap peas, any anything else that looks fresh and delicious), all marinated in olive oil, rosemary (grown in my yard) and sea salt, then served over a bed of fresh mixed greens.  We'll include goodies like blue cheese, grilled green onions and croutons to add if you like.  Top it all off with the roasted red pepper dressing, and you'll agree that this salad is no wimpy dish.

I think this Shamrock Salad will be a fun little side dish, very green and festive, but also full of vitamins!  I would probably toss it right onto my Warm Salad, but you can follow your own instincts.  Also, I'm thinking that the whole St. Patrick's Day theme might a good way to get the little people you live with to eat lots of green things!

This week's Get You Through the Week meal  - the Lucky Shepherd Pie - continues our Irish theme, although we've modified the traditional lamb pie by using organic ground beef.  Plus, even though my dad isn't Irish, we're using his famous mashed potatoes for the potato layer - my favorite!  Your kids will love this one-dish dinner, and you'll love the easy of throwing it in the oven after a busy day!  (Let us know if you would like a pea-free version if you have kids - like mine - who will reject a whole meal on the basis of a single pea.  I'm thinking of writing a children's book ...  The Spoiled Rotten Prince and the Pea.)

For dessert, you will not be able to stop eating enjoy an appropriate amount of our yummy Irish Cowboy Cookies.  Cowboy - or girl - cookies are full of oats & chocolate chips, and we're adding green M&Ms for even more St. Patrick's Day fun!  (We're leaving out the traditional pecans just to keep it simple for our nut-free friends.)

That's the menu this week y'all - I'm already getting excited, so I hope you'll sign up to enjoy a great dinner on the porch!


Important info!

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