Good Things Come in Threes (Like Three Weeks of Vacation for DOTP!!!)

School may not be officially out yet, y'all, but I can smell summer in the air!  We here at DOTP will be taking a mini-break after this Tuesday for three weeks, so we wanted to make sure to get you all set up so you don't have to break out your own pots and pans when you'd rather be cheering your kids on at swim team or blowing bubbles in the yard or just enjoying a cold beer on the deck with friends.  That's what summer's all about, so I'm just saying, let's get it started right now!

Also, this week we're offering some Teacher Appreciation Gifts for some of our favorite heros - our children's teachers!  Check out the link to the Three Cheers for Teacher page above!

Tuesday, May 24th:  
Three Salad Sampler
Run Naked Through the Sprinkler Wild Rice & Chicken Salad with Lemon Aioli
Dash Around the Bases Chick Pea & Feta Salad with Roasted Red Peppers and Fresh Herb Vinaigrette
Shooting Star Salad - Greens with Crunchy Toasted Seeds & Sesame Dressing
Vegetarian Version:  Wild Rice & Kidney Bean Salad
Kids' Option:  High Dive Mac & Cheese ($5)

and, drum roll please ....

Dessert:  School's Out 4Ever Homemade OREOS!!!!  (10 for $10)

Get You Through the Week Meals:  
Three DOTP All-Stars ($20 each)
Tamale Pie in the Sky with organic ground beef
Southwestern Chicken Pie
Sausage & Cheese Egg Strata

I know we seem to be stuck on salads, but when the weather is warm it's hard to think of anything else!  It's great to take to a picnic, eat out on the porch, or just enjoy a casual & easy dinner that everyone can personalize to his or her own liking - eat all three mixed together or enjoy just one or two - it's all good however you do it!

  1. The Wild Rice & Chicken Salad is one of my absolute favorites, with tangy lemon dressing and fresh veggies mixed in.  It's very both healthy and hearty, and it's great hot or cold, over lettuce or on its own.  
  2. The Chick Pea & Feta Salad is another delightful mix of flavors and fun.  Chick peas are so mild and creamy, and mixed with fresh herbs, feta & roasted red peppers it's really hard to stop with just one serving!  
  3. The Shooting Star Salad is a feast of seasonal veggies, cheese, and homemade dressing.  You can keep it simple or throw it all on - it's great either way.  

Our Kids' Mac & Cheese is a simple homemade dish with a little surprise ingredient - cauliflower!  I admit that I'm not a big fan of tricking kids into eating veggies (I think they come around on their own if you keep presenting it to them), but every now and then it's nice to watch them eat something healthy with smiles on their faces!

Enough already.  Clearly all of this healthy salad stuff is just an excuse to eat as many of Caroline's Homemade Oreos as possible!  I know that many of you had them at Christmas-time and have been waiting a long time to get your hands on more.  And I will admit that I have tried to convince Caroline to make them again since then, but she would not budge.  Finally, she is rewarding our patience!  I know the wait will be worth it - they are so, so addictive and delicious!  (We are limiting these babies to 2 orders per order, and you cannot order them without a main meal - sorry!)

We are offering three GYTTW meals this week so that you can keep one in your back pocket during each of the weeks we are gone.  As you probably know, these are frozen meals intended to serve a family of 4-6.  It does not come with sides, but with any of these options you can make a complete meal with a salad, chips, salsa and guacamole (is anyone else thinking about fresh margaritas?).  We chose these three because they are some of our favorites, but also because folks ask us when we're doing them again, so here you go!

  1. Tamale Pie in the Sky is a casserole with a tamale-ish base, filled with organic corn, black beans, cheese and organic beef.  I can't put my finger on what it is about it that is so good, but people keep asking for it so I know it is a winner.  My kids and husband love it as well, so it's a good crowd-pleaser.  
  2. The Southwestern Chicken Pie is our version of a Southern Chicken pie.  It has a top crust and is filled with white meat chicken, veggies, black beans and cheese in a yummy, mild sauce.  This is a great item to give as a gift to a friend or to serve at a special lunch with a green salad and bread.  
  3. Finally, we know the summer brings trips to the beach, house-guests, and, of course, mosquitoes.  While a Sausage & Egg Strata will probably not help you with the mosquitoes, we think do think it will prove handy with houseguests and beach trips.  It's the perfect no-hassle breakfast for a group - just take it from the freezer to the oven and you'll have a great meal for 6-8 people.  It also travels well since it's frozen, making it perfect to take along to the beach - it will keep you out of the kitchen so you can hit the waves with friends and family! 
That's what we've got for you this week Friends.  Remember that after the 24th we will be off until June 21st(!), so I hope you enjoy the beginning of the summer, spend lots of time with friends and family out on the porch.  When we come back we'll be unveiling our awesome new website where you will be able to order with just a few clicks - so cool!

Thanks so much, y'all, and hope to see you on the porch!


The Fine Print:

  • Order by emailing me at 
  • We will close orders by Saturday morning, if not before.  
  • If we are getting close to cutting it off, we'll send out an email letting you know. 
  • Be specific when you order - it makes it easier for me to keep it all straight! 
  • We do offer gift certificates and we do "send" meals to friends - just email us about it. 
  • If you do not live in central Winston-Salem and are new, please check with me to see if we are able to deliver to you - if not, you will be able to pick-up between 2-7 pm on Tuesday afternoon at Sociale Gourmet 
  • Deliveries will be made between 3-5:30 pm on Tuesday, and you do not need to be home to to receive your dinner. 
  • Please refer to the Order 411 page if you have questions, or email me if that doesn't answer your question.