Salad Days of Spring Are Here!

When the weather is nice and school is winding down, there is nothing better than a cold beverage and dinner on the porch!  The kids can eat a bite and keep on playing, and the big kids can sit back and relax and finally have a minute to visit.  The key is to keep dinner so simple that you don't have to make a thousand trips back and forth from the kitchen to tote it all outside.  The perfect solution - the one dish dinner!  This week we're bringing back a DOTP favorite that fits the bill and will have you out on the deck maximizing the great weather and minimizing the dishes!

Tuesday, May 10th:
Farmer's Market Israeli Couscous with Spring Vegetables & Chicken Sausage
Homemade Olive Hummus with Pita Bread (request no olives if you prefer)
Spinach Salad
Vegetarian Option:  Israeli Couscous with Spring Vegetables & Portobellos
Add Cold Boiled Gulf Shrimp ($10)
Kids Option:  Orzo with Feta & Homemade Marinara ($5)
Dessert:  Ginger Cookies & a pint of Homeland Creamery Lemon Ice Cream ($10)

When we first introduced this Israeli Couscous last fall, I was surprised how popular it was.  Personally, I love mixing up my whole dinner in one dish, but I always just figured that was because I was sort of lazy about dishes.  Whatever the reason, we do love all of the fresh veggies, the hearty pearl couscous, feta cheese and the yummy but healthy chicken sausage all mixed in a homemade basil & olive oil dressing.  It just tastes like spring!

If you're in the mood for a little treat, add a portion of cold boiled shrimp to your dinner - such a good way to get healthy protein into the whole family!

I have already gone on about how much I love hummus, so I won't bore everyone with that again, but I realized it had been a while since we made up a big batch.  We add lots of garlic & lemon juice, then top it with olive tapanade for a salty & tasty way to start your dinner.  Ask for no olives if you are a crazy person who doesn't like them!

Okay, now for the best part of the meal - dessert!  I am so, so excited about this Lemon Ice Cream!  Homeland Creamery is a local dairy that supplies ice cream, milk, chocolate milk and other dairy products to stores like Whole Foods & Reynolda Farm Market.  I cannot say enough good things about their products - everything I have tried has been amazing.  Last week I bought the Lemon Ice Cream for my husband who loves all things lemon (even though I prefer chocolate-based foods), just to be nice.  Plus, I thought that I would not eat as much of it since I don't love lemon-y desserts.  Wrong - I cannot stop eating it!  It's a creamy, light ice cream - not a sorbet - that tastes like a cold, delicious lemon bar - amazing!  But, every time I find my way into the kitchen for just the tiniest spoonful, I wish I had some of Caroline's sublime ginger cookies to make a little ice cream sandwich goody for myself.  Y'all know how modest I am - I normally would demur from the term "genius," but pairing these two?  Well, let's just call it a very good idea.

That's all from this end, friends.  We're not offering a Get You Through the Week meal this week since we decided to take it easy on Mother's Day, but we'll get back to it next week.  We'd love to hear your ideas for some GYTTW meals you'd like to see.  Use the comment section - it won't bite!

Take Care & Happy Mother's Day if you are one!

Claire, Caroline & Alex

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