Summertime DOTP - Pizza! Pizza!

Well friends, I'm still down here in hot, steamy Texas, eating my way through all of the barbeque joints and Mexican resaurants I can find!  That's Gus, enjoying the best barbeque ribs in the world here at the Goode Company Barbeque.  The kids and I are heading back next week, but the rest of the DOTP gang is getting a great menu ready for you this coming Tuesday! 

Tuesday, June 21st:  Pizza!Pizza!
Make Your Own Pizza with Pesto and Homemade Pizza Sauce
Toppings:   Mozzeralla cheese, pepperoni, red onions, artichoke hearts, spinach, black olives, red peppers, tomatoes
Spinach Salad with Feta & Homemade Creamy Italian Dressing
Dessert:  Homemade Fruit Pizza with cream frosting
No Kids Meal!  (If your kids don't like pizza, we don't think we can do much for you!) ($10)
Get You Through the Week Meal:  Penne Pasta Au Gratin with Smoked Gouda, Grilled Chicken, Sun-dried Tomatoes & Broccoli  (Vegetarian option with portobello mushrooms) ($20) 

If y'all are like me, your summertime dinner routine probably revolves around hotdogs and popsicles, or any food item that does not require a plate or a fork to eat.  And while these foods do have certain merits, it's nice to mix it up here and there in the summer just to make sure your family remembers that there is life beyond the hot dog!  But don't worry - this is still super-easy and, best of all, no fork required!

Making your own pizza always sounds like such fun, but I've had more than one tragic experience of getting all ready to do it only to find I am missing an essential components - like cheese, sauce, or pepperoni.  Such a bummer!  We'll provide you with 6 small, precooked pizza crusts and then it's time for everyone to have fun loading their pizza up with fresh goodies!  You can pop them in the oven to cook, or if you're in the swing of summertime grilling, throw them right on the grill for a different twist.  Fun, fast, easy and tasty!

We got a little carried away with the whole pizza idea, and we decided that the perfect way to top off a pizza dinner would be a fruit pizza for dessert!  You'll get a giant sugar cookie crust, sweet cream cheese frosting to spread on, and then berries & grapes to top it off.  Once again, we're sticking with the MYO plan since that just always makes things more fun!

Our Get You Through the Week Meal this week - Penne Pasta au Gratin - sounds a little fancy, but it's so tasty and flavorful that you'll just be calling it "more."  As an added bonus, it has been approved by 5 out of 5 kids in our scientific study.  It's light but interesting, and who can resist smoked Gouda?  Not me, y'all. 

That's it this week friends.  I will be driving back to Winston-Salem while you all are sitting down to eat, so please send me a friendly thought as I make my 20 hour trek back with three kids in the back of the car!  Because it's summer, and because I won't be around to help out, we'll be limiting orders this week, so order early if you're in - we don't want you to miss out!

Thanks y'all & see you soon!

Claire & Co.