Baby Steps ...

Y'all - we are ONE YEAR OLD!!!  I made my first DOTP delivery of Chicken Enchiladas on July 13th, 2010 to ten friends.  Now, a whole year later, I feel so lucky and grateful that we have such a big, good-looking group of loyal members of the DOTP family - y'all have spread the word and helped shape the enterprise into such a fun, unique little business that we are so happy to be running.  Thanks so much for a great year, and hopefully more to come!

Please leave a comment about your favorite DOTP meal from the past year in the comment section below and we'll do a drawing for a $55 DOTP gift certificate from all of the people who leave comments!

Tuesday, July 19th:
Farmer's Market Orzo with Chicken Sausage and Roasted Red Pepper& Rosemary Dressing
Homemade Gazpacho
Fresh Seed Rolls with Feta Cheese Spread
Vegetarian Option:  Orzo with Kidney Beans
Kids' Meal:  Orzo with Homemade Marinara ($6)
Dessert:  S'mores Bars ($6)
Get You Through the Week:  Turkey Sausage & Spinach Pie ($22)

This Orzo dish was one of DOTP's first offerings, and it is always a big hit.  It's just basically a big jumble of orzo pasta, healthy chicken sausage and any seasonal veggies we can find!  We're so happy now that we can offer lots of locally grown vegetables from our supplier in Greensboro, so we'll head over there this weekend to see what looks good and then throw it all in.  In any event, it will be colorful, flavorful and good for you (but don't let that scare you off!).  I've also just about perfected this Red Pepper Dressing - we often serve it on green salads, but it's great on pasta as well.  If we can ever get organized, we might just start bottling it!

Shortly after I started DOTP, my neighbor and friend Alex Flowers came on board to help out.  One of the first things she offered to make was this awesome Gazpacho - it's so, so fresh tasting that it's hard to stop thinking about it after it's all gone.  Now that we're at the height of all of the summer veggies that go into it, we knew it was time to bring it back.  It's perfect for a warm summer evening on the porch!  Served with warm rolls and yummy, salty Feta Spread, you could almost make a meal out of it all by itself.

And, personally, I'm very excited about these yummy S'mores Bars!  I am always so excited to make s'mores, and then almost instantly regret the whole activity when my kids are waving hot pokers all about and then coming at me with super-sticky hands and faces.  Plus, it's really beyond the ability of my children to roast a marshmallow without burning it to an absolute crisp, so I always end up with a bitter, blackened s'more that no one else is willing to eat.  So, in short, I can't wait to tuck into all of the yumminess of s'mores with none of the pesky details that go into making them!  Thanks to Caroline, of course!

When I was writing "Get You Through the Week" above, I at first typed "Weeds."  Some summer days, I have to admit, feel that way.  It's so nice to have a healthy, tasty one-dish meal all ready to go in the freezer for nights when preparing a meal threatens to push me over the edge.  I really think that a GYTTW meal is a perfect way to feed everyone a good dinner while still maintaining one's sense of humor and general optimism about family life.  In this case, it's healthy and tasty too, so that's a bonus!

That's all from us this week, friends.  We look forward to seeing you on the porch!!


Mark Your Calendar:
We've got two more weeks of delivery before we take off until after Labor Day, but we're planning another Stock the Freezer Party on July 28th!