The Eyes of Texas Are Upon YOU!

Hey Y'all!  We had so much fun this week at the Stock the Freezer Party & it was awesome to get to visit with so many of you!  Since I'm normally racing around town to deliver all the dinners on time, I don't get a chance to catch up with everybody properly.  Plus, the freezer is cleaned out, so we're ready to blast into these crazy holiday months ahead so y'all can be ready for every holiday eventuality!

We will be off this Tuesday, November 1st, but then we're back on November 8th with a very American meal to celebrate Election Day (Cowboy Meatballs, anyone??).

In case you're already thinking ahead to the holidays, I just wanted to answer a few questions we've been asked with regard to DOTP:

  • DOTP is participating in the Festival of Trees to benefit Brenner Children's Hospital this year, and we're really hoping that you will come see us!  It's such a fun weekend event for kids and adults, and it's a great way to help a hospital that does so much to help sick kids.  We'll have a booth during the Holiday Girls' Night Out on Thursday, November 17th with goodies to sample and an opportunity to sign up for DOTP holiday gifts to be delivered to friends.  We are also making and decorating a gingerbread house - the plans are still in the works (we do our best work under pressure!), but I'll let you know what to look for if you go!
  • We will do a dinner delivery on November 22nd, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but it will not be Thanksgiving food, so you're on your own for that.  Thanksgiving food is not my fave, as I generally feel that people load up the table with food that does not require the people eating it to have teeth.  However, I do have some Thanksgiving recipes that I do like, and I will share those with y'all as it gets closer.
  • We will not deliver dinner on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving so that we can enjoy the holiday with our families, but then we're back until Christmas. 
  • During the month of December, we'll focus on helping you get stocked up for the holidays as well as providing meals that you can sit down and eat with your family.  As a parent, I have found that the holidays are a tricky balance between the excitement and wonder of the season, and the tremendous stress that comes with adding so many extra things into an already very busy calendar.  We think that sitting down to dinner once in a while with your family is a great way to stay focused on what matters during this busy time, and we also think that being able to cross some gift-giving stress off of your to-do list will give you more time for eggnog & mistletoe!
  • Speaking of gift-giving, the Elf on the Porch is coming back for more!!!  We will all be hoping that the Elf does not have to make her deliveries during an ice storm like she did last year (I had a bruise on my fanny for weeks!), but regardless of the challenges, we'll be out there with bells on!  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you will find out soon enough!!
  • If you have a catering need between now and Christmas that you are hoping to have DOTP help you with, please let me know ASAP! 

While we won't be delivering dinner this coming Tuesday, I will be doing important down in the Lone Star State this weekend, eating and surveilling secrets from my favorite Texas haunts.  I'm actually going down for my 20th high school reunion (oh, stop, I know it's hard to believe I'm a day over 29!), so I'm very excited about that.  I've been getting ready for the trip with a visit to the salon and by listening to this awesome rendition of The Eyes of Texas - if this doesn't get your blood going, you're not a real Texan!

Have a wonderful Halloween & we'll see you soon on the porch!