Mmmm Mamacita's Tortilla Soup

What is it about a rainy day that causes me to want to do nothing but nap and eat warm food out of big bowls??!!  And also want to do those things while wearing really comfortable pants?  It's such a harsh reality of life (once you're out of college, at least), that we can't really indulge in sweatpant wearing, nap-taking sloth very often anymore, but, happily, we can at least enjoy the warm food in bowls part every now and then!  In full disclosure, we plan our menus pretty far in advance, but I feel like the weather and our meal plan seem to be in harmony this week!

Tuesday, November 15th:
Mamacita's Tortilla Soup with Roasted Pork & Avocado*
Lots of Soup Fixings - cheese, sour cream, rice, cilantro, tortilla strips & green onions
Southwestern Salad with Homemade Chiptole Ranch Dressing
Vegetarian Version:  Tortilla Soup with Roasted Zucchini & Avocado
Kids' Option:  Mini Burritos with rice, beans & cheese ($6)
Additional Item:  Chile con Queso & chips ($6)
Dessert:  Five Flavors Chocolate Pound Cake ($6)
GYTTW:  Super Salads Duo - Orzo with Chicken Sausage & Veggies in Roasted Red Pepper Dressing and Mixed Rice with Chicken & Veggies in Lemon Aioli Dressing ($22)

Mamacita's Tortilla Soup is one of those things that I sometimes just have to have.  There is something so satisfying about the way the combination of flavorful roasted meat, beans, avocados and tomatoes in soup, and when you fill it up with cheese & everything else, forget about it.  I could eat it every day for a week and not get tired of it.  Alas, there is a slight difference of opinion on the matter in my house (I believe I may have mentioned in a previous blog an evening we still famously refer to as "Tortilla Soupgate" for the drama that unfolded when I tried to make my oldest child take just one bite of the delicious soup.  It wasn't my finest moment.)  Anyway, since I don't get to make it for my own family, I'm so happy to be able to share with you!  And I don't even want to hear about it if your kids love it, that just hurts me.

Because we wanted to lighten up the menu after last week's meatballs & potatoes, we're pairing the soup this week with a great Southwestern Salad - lettuce, fresh veggies & our favorite Homemade Chipotle Ranch.  But we're not serving it just because it's healthy - we really like it, too!  That being said, since you're eating light, you may be able to indulge in a little Chile con Queso on the side.  I mean, no one can be good all the time, right??

Our kids' Mini Burritos are the perfect little dinner for certain family members who may share certain eating habits with my children, or a great lunchbox item, or an after-school snack.  Heck, I'd even eat one for breakfast if I saw one laying around.  Add a little hot sauce, mmm.  There will be 3 per order.

Our dessert this week is also a lovely little treat - Five Flavor Chocolate Pound Cake!  It's a novel twist on a Southern classic, using wonderfully rich dutch-processed cocoa as one of the five flavors.  We think our DOTP dessert option is the best way to enjoy treats - you'll get just enough cake for everyone to have a piece, but you won't find yourself eating chocolate pound cake all week long like you would if you had a whole one in the house - trouble!  After Tuesday, we'll see who can correctly identify all five flavors and give a prize to the first person. 

Finally, get yourself through the week this week in style, with our Super Salad Duo.  We were trying to decide this week between the Orzo and the Rice salads, but we like them both so much we decided to go for the Duo!  I love to have these items in my fridge for a quick & delicious lunch or an easy, healthy dinner, and they are also a great item to bring to a new mom or a friend who needs a little pick-me-up.  And even though we call them salads, both dishes can be served warm if you're in that kind of a mood.  (These salads are fresh, not frozen, and can keep in the fridge for 3-4 days.)

That's all we've got, y'all!  Hope it looks good to you & we'll get to see you on the porch this week!  Please visit the Order 411 Page of the blog if you have questions about anything, and then get your order in PDQ!

Claire & Alex  

p.s.  Although it seems totally impossible, Thanksgiving is a mere two weeks away!  We will deliver dinner on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but not the Tuesday after.  Our menu for the 22nd will be slightly different, since we know many of you will be traveling or having family in town.  The "main meal" that week will be two frozen items - an Italian Lasagna and a Tamale Pie, with some optional add ons like salad, bread, scones, etc.  The meals will travel well as long as you keep them cold, or, of course, can be heated up and served at home with ease.  We will offer early pick-up as well, since some of you may be leaving before Tuesday.  More details to come, but I just wanted to let you know in case you're starting to wonder what you're going to feed everyone!!

*Who, you may ask, is Mamacita??  Well, I'll tell you.  Mamacita was my grandmother, and even though she had a pretty hip grandma name, she was not Hispanic, nor did she ever make tortilla soup, nor did she ever, as far as I know, even eat Mexican food, despite having lived her whole life in Texas.  No, in fact, she was pretty big on tomato aspic, dry turkey sandwiches and Bloody Mary's (easy on the bloody).  So why, you ask, would I name a delicious Mexican soup after my dear Mamacita?  Well, as ornery and difficult as she could be (rude to most everyone, forever listing off various things that I might do to "ruin my reputation," wearing gloves in public so as to not have to touch other people, etc), she was also tough, independent, determined and, in her own way, loving.   She was, if you can picture it, a sort of a feminist who strongly disapproved of actual feminists.  So, that has nothing at all to do with tortilla soup, but I find that the older I get, the more I admire her moxie and her general screw-you attitude, so I think it's appropriate to offer a little soup tribute to her, even though she would probably have made it clear to me that she did not like Mexican soup, would not be eating it, and, more importantly, telling strangers about your family is low-class in the first place.  But we loved her anyway, so here's to Mamacita!