Wild West Winston-Salem!

Cowboy Up, Y’all!

We’re excited to be back in the kitchen this week to make up one of my family’s all-time favorite meals – Cowboy Meatballs!  I’ll admit that the popularity of the meatballs may be partly attributable to the name, as far as my kids go, but I’m willing to give a big ol’ cowgirl whoop to anything that everyone at my dinner table is excited about!  

Tuesday, November 8th:
Cowboy Meatballs with Homemade BBQ Sauce
Pappy’s Mashed Potatoes
Bacon, Broccoli & Spinach Salad with Homemade Dijon Dressing
Vegetarian Option:  Cowboy Stuffed Portobello Caps
Kids’ Option:  Make-your-own Sliders ($6)
Get You Through the Week:  Lemongrass Coconut Chicken or Tofu Curry with Noodles  ($22)
Dessert:  All-American Chocolate Chip Cookies ($6)

Who can resist the romance and spirit of the American Cowboy?  Even though “real” cowboys may be few and far between these days, just knowing that they are out there roping and camping out and eating beans out of tin cups around a fire gives me a happy glow and a sense of pride in our country.  We thought that Election Day would be a great time to remind our families about some of the best parts of our crazy country, and we couldn’t think of a better dinner that this tribute to the American Cowboy!

Our handmade Cowboy Meatballs are a big as baseballs, seasoned and stuffed with cheese – I’m pretty sure that a hungry cowboy could eat a few of these, but all of the cowboys and cowgirls in my house were stuffed after one!  Those with True Grit love them smothered in our slightly spicy Homemade BBQ Sauce – so yummy!

It’s been far too long since we’ve served Pappy’s Mashed Potatoes, and we’re sorry about that.  This mashed potato recipe really was originated by my grandfather Pappy back in the day, and though he is no longer with us, I’m so glad that he lives on in these awesome mashed potatoes!

That's our little cowboy in the middle!

Okay, so we all know that real cowboys don’t eat vegetables, but this cowgirl has discovered that even cowboys will eat Broccoli Salad as long as it’s mixed up with bacon!  The salad is fresh, crunchy and flavorful, and tossed with spinach and Homemade Dijon Dressing, you may be surprised by how much your gang will enjoy it – just keep it under your Stetson that it’s actually super-healthy!

Finish off your Wild West dinner with our All-American Chocolate Chip Cookies!  These are the best of all worlds – chewy, crunchy, gooey and finger-licking good.

Because our dinner this week really is a family favorite, our kids’ meal this week is a little different.  We think it would make a good lunch item, or serve it for dinner another night when you’re in a pinch.  We’ll give you the makings of two little burgers, including veggies.  Your kids will love adding their own toppings to just-their-size buns!

Finally, our GYTTW meal – Lemongrass Chicken Curry – is an Asian dish that is hard to beat.  We love the flavor of fresh lemongrass and coconut milk, and mixed with rice noodles, veggies and chicken or tofu it’s a warm, healthy one-dish meal that you’ll love to pull out and serve on a busy weeknight. 

That’s all we’ve got for you this week, y’all!  If you are new to DOTP, please visit our Order 411 page to find out how it all works.  I am happy to answer questions via email as well, but due to the growing number of customers (yeah!), I’d love it if you checked to see whether we may have already answered your questions on the website. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the porch!

Claire & Alex

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