Favorites for our Favorite Customer - You!

A few weeks ago, we asked you all what your favorite DOTP dinners have been, and we were happy to hear back about some meals that were our favorites too!  So we thought that this week, we'd bring back some of those favorites for you guys.

Also, as a fun surprise yesterday, we were notified that we have been nominated for the Triad Moms on Main's annual "Best of" list!  Thank you so much for those of you who nominated us, and we'd love for everyone to go vote for us to win!

Tuesday, February 7th:
Goat Cheese Lasagna with Italian Sausage & Spinach
Veggie Version with Zucchini and Red Peppers
Hearty Spinach Salad with Balsamic Viniagrette
Salad Add-ins:  Avocado, Egg, Purple Onion, Mushrooms, Peppers, Blue Cheese & Croutons
French Bread Demi-Baguette
Kids' Meal:  Spaghetti & Chicken Meatballs with marinara on the side (for the pickiest!) ($6)
Dessert:  Pumpkin Bread ($6)
GYTTW:  Chicken or Tofu Tikka Masala with Indian Spiced Basmati Rice ($22, regular, $30 large includes Naan)

Lasagna is one of those meals that is appealing to me all year round, no matter the weather.  And since we seem to be experiencing a very strange winter, I think it's advisable to go back to basics at this point.  Summer salads seem wrong in February, but heart soups and stews don't feel right when it's 65 degrees outside!  So, our Goat Cheese Lasagna fits in perfectly, and it's always a big hit with grown-ups and kids alike.  FYI, we have mad love for goat cheese, but we know it's not a universal thing.  If your crew is not a fan of goat cheese, just let us know and we'll leave it off!

We also love this week's Spinach Salad, which we at DOTP refer to as the "stripey salad" because the first time we served it, we laid all of the toppings on a plate in stripes so that people could add on whatever they liked.  Personally, I am not a fan of the hard-boiled egg in salad, but others in my family are more than happy to eat my share.  Likewise, I get to eat all of the avocado and half of the blue cheese (have to share with Matt).  So, in my opinion, it's a fair trade!

We are happy to have Camino Bakery's Pumpkin Bread on the dessert roster for this week.  I love it, and I always have a major internal struggle when I buy a slice of it at the Krankie's airstream on Reynolda:  to share with my children or eat the whole thing myself.  I almost always do the right thing and eat it myself, but sometimes I let them have a tiny bite.  ;)

Our Chicken Tikka Masala was noted by many customers as being a favorite, and we agree!  It's a good intro for people who are not sure whether they like Indian food, and even for those who know they love it, it's a treat!  We make a mild version that is full of flavor without being loaded with fat and calories.  While fat and calories are often quite delicious, I'd rather save them for a big bowl of Ben & Jerry's than eat them with my chicken dinner!  Please note that the large version does come with Naan, but the small does not.  It's easy to find at almost any grocery store these days, however, if you like it but just want the small version!

That's all we've got this week, friends.  Hopefully you are out enjoying this amazing winter weather - unlike me, as I'm busy worrying about having to somehow pay for beautiful weather in late-spring sleet and snow, which worrying steals away lots of what should be enjoyment and happiness.  But that's just a little sample of my Catholic sense of delayed punishment, so hopefully the rest of you are not warped in this manner!

Take care & hope to see you on the porch!

Claire & Alex

  • Email your order to dinnersontheporchorders@gmail.com and be specific!!!  
  • If you want the "We love leftovers" larger size meal, please specify that in your email - it's $40.  
  • Dinners will be delivered or be available for pick up at Sociale Gourmet on Tuesday afternoons between 2-6 pm.
  • If you are new, please send your address so we let you know if you are a pick-up or a delivery person.  
  • If you have any food allergies, please let us know!
  • You are welcome to request anything you'd like (no cheese, no onions, etc), and we'll let you know if we can do it!
  • For any other questions, check out the Order 411 page or email me at dinnersontheporchorders@gmail.com