Happy Fat Tuesday (a little late)!

We just couldn't bear to miss it!  

Tuesday, February 28th: Mardi Gras Menu
Central Grocery Mini Muffaletta Sandwiches
Shake Your Money Maker Chicken Jambalaya
Green Salad with Homemade New Orleans Remoulade Dressing (new favorite at our house!)
Vegetarian Option:  Eggplant & Roasted Red Pepper Muffaletta & Black Eyed Pea & Kale Jambalaya 
Kids' Option:  Ham & Cheese Sammies with side of crisp green beans ($6)
Dessert:  Camino Bakery Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding (four individual servings, $6)
Low-Carb Meal Add-On:  Remoulade Shrimp Salad ($10, serves 1-2)
GYTTW Meal:  Chicken Enchiladas Rojas (red) or Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas ($22, reg or $30, large)

Last year, we had so much fun with our Mardi Gras menu that we hated the idea of missing it this year.  So even though we were in a near coma after the Valentine's Day frenzy closed for business the actual day of Fat Tuesday, we decided not to let that stop us!  We hope you'll enjoy this meal, and may we suggest pairing Zydeco music, beads & fun drinks with dinner for the full experience.

If you've never had Muffaletta Sandwiches in New Orleans, you should probably plan a trip there soon.  Seriously.  They are french bread sandwiches piled up with salami, ham & cheese, and then spread with a heart-stoppingly delicious spread.  We make a good one, and you'll wish you had more after they are gone, but I'm going to tell you now that if you ever have a Central Grocery Muffaletta that is bigger than your own face, and you eat the whole thing, you will begin trying to find a way to move to Louisiana.  Actually, pretty much anything you eat in Louisiana will make you wish you lived there, hurricanes be damned.  

Jambalaya is one of those dishes for which every respectable Louisianan has his or her own recipe.  It's a rice-based dish that can be made with whatever meats and veggies are available (usually andouille sausage & seafood, but occasionally alligator), seasoned and then, of course, liberally doused with Tabasco.  We make ours with chicken and chicken andouille sausage for a healthier dish that still has tons of flavor, and we'll leave it up to you to spice it up with Tabasco (especially since this is a dish that kids seem to love, so we don't want to out-spice them!).  Last year we tried out a great Vegetarian Jambalaya, and it was very tasty and flavorful!  

We at DOTP love all kinds of salad, and you may have noticed that we almost always include one with the meal.  Not only are they good for you, but they can really make a meal more flexible for different members of the family who may be watching carbs or calories or just trying to eat more veggies.  That said, we can't just eat boring old lettuce and tomato every day, so we try to come up with fun new dressings & salad mix-ins that make it more fun to eat those greens!  This week, we're excited to introduce a new dressing based on Louisiana Remoulade Sauce (often used as a dip for that famous Gulf Coast seafood!).  It's so good and fresh tasting that eating salad may be your favorite part of the meal!
This week's GYTTW meal, Chicken Enchiladas Rojas, is a great variation on our famous Rio Grande Enchiladas.  We love the light, healthy red sauce with a just enough, but not too much spice!  They are filled with healthy chicken, spinach, beans & cheese, rolled in flour tortillas and topped with sauce and a little cheese, and while we don't like to play favorites, let's just say that these are right up there!  Our vegetarian Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas are always a hit with vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike!  They are unique and tasty, plus very healthy!  They will be topped with a light green sauce and a little cheese (or we can leave it off if you prefer!).

That's our menu this week folks - we know you'll love it!

Just a few other little things to mention:
  • Take a minute to visit our new DOTP Mini Grocery Store - we're excited to be able to offer some fun new things for y'all each week!  Order any of those items along with your main weekly order and they will be delivered (or be available for pick-up) with your meal on Tuesday.
  • FREEBIE ALERT!!!!  We are very excited to introduce a new local company - Be Kind Kids Shop!  They offer (virtually) indestructible dish ware that is attractive and very functional.  We have a set & love it, and we're getting inspired to toss all the plastic!  We'll give away a full set of dishes, including their signature Sillisipper, to one lucky person who leaves a comment for us here on the blog.
  • Finally, voting for the Triad Moms on Main Mom's Choice Awards will close on Feb 29th, so go on and get your vote in!
Thanks y'all!  Hope you have a great weekend & we're looking forward to seeing you on the porch!  Please visit our Order 411 and FAQ pages if you are new or have any questions, and then email your order to dinnersontheporchorders@gmail.com!

Claire & Alex

p.s.  Just FYI, I am still going strong in my Target-Free 2012 Resolution!  I do love Target, and staying away has not been easy, but check out this article in the NY Times - no wonder I've been spending too much money there!!!