Wednesday Blues

When the weather is so blah, we have to come up with things to keep us busy.  Ruby and I sometimes have a little princess session, (see below).  Or we might watch a good movie or read a book or browse around on Pinterest for a while, but then, inevitably, our thoughts turn to food.

When I'm looking for inspiration in the kitchen, I check out what my food-blogging "friends" have been cooking up! (Reality check - these people are only my friends in my own mind.  They don't know me, but I know them from reading their blogs sometimes obsessively!)

Anyway, if you're looking for inspiration and it's not a Tuesday, here of my favorites!

  • The Pioneer Woman is probably the most famous life-style blogger, and her site is amazingly beautiful and filled with things to read and see.  You can easily kill an hour just on her site, but then she has a whole other site devoted to recipes generated by readers, The Tasty Kitchen.  The recipes are great, easy, and very family-friendly.  The whole thing makes me a little green with envy, so even while I recommend that you go there, you have to promise to still like me better even though my blog is super-JV when you see hers.
  • I do not bake much, as those of you who have suffered through my disastrous cornbread experiments know, but I do enjoy looking at baked goods other people have cooked.  I also like to try to convince our bakers that they should make things for me - hello stuffed rice crispy treats or oreo truffles!  My favorite baking site is Bakerella, even though most of the amazing things she makes would give me a stress attack from trying to make something so perfect, but it's fun to look and she has a great, fun writing style.
  • A while back, a bunch of food bloggers were all posting recipes for Peanut Butter Pies (hello, most delicious food ever!) in honor of another food blogger (In Jennie's Kitchen) whose husband had just passed away unexpectedly.  Peanut Butter Pie was his favorite thing, apparently.  Anyway, I started following the blog and check in with it here and there.  She has a great index of recipes and ideas, even though now her blog is more about moving on after losing her husband.  The original Peanut Butter Pie post is here.  
  • I've mentioned The Homesick Texan many times, and I have to reiterate that her recipes are true-blue Texas recipes with a slightly modern twist.  Her writing is great and her recipes are awesome.  
  • SmittenKitchen is one of the best food blogs around with great photos, good writing, and excellent inspiration.  I will say that some of the recipes are a little fancier than what you might want to throw together for a random weeknight dinner, but if you have a little time on a weekend and want to win friends and impress others, take a look!  (and actually, I just checked her blog and the recipe this week is for a Fried Egg Sandwich with Bacon & Blue Cheese, so I think that's doable!)
  • A good friend recently put me on to these blogs, and I'm really enjoying them: Dinner, A Love Story is a family-food blog written by a husband and wife team.  They believe (as do I) that sitting down to dinner as a family is really important, and their ideas will help you do it!  The other is Foodie Parent, and it has lots of different contributors.  It's fun to hunt around, discover new things, and try your hand at some of their ideas.  
If you have a great blog that you follow for cooking inspiration, leave me the address in the comment section and we'll put together a list for everyone to enjoy!