It's Tuesday - what's for dinner at your house?

We're back from a lovely vacation, y'all, and excited for the awesome weather, the fun of Spring, and summer right on the horizon.  We've got some great menus planned, so we're excited to be back at work (even though, I must admit, being holed up down in South Carolina for a week over Spring Break was amazingly relaxing and wonderful).  We ate so well down there - fresh seafood and great tacos at local restaurants, Low Country Stir Fry (shrimp and sausage with amazing seasonings), steak grilled outdoors and even a fewBlue Crabs we caught ourselves (like that little fellow to the right).  Yum!  The only thing I'm still on the fence about is the whole boiled peanut phenomenon.  South Carolinians, what is the story with this delicacy?  I'm thinking that there might be a relationship between how drunk you are and how good boiled peanuts are, am I right?

Anyway, back from vacation, back to reality, and I have to relate that I have been struggling to come up with dinner over here at my house since we've been back home.  Last night we had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, except that two of my three children don't like them, so they had PB&Js.  Then today, I decided to plan ahead (but not cook, of course), so I rushed over to Whole Foods before the kids got home from school to grab one of their prepared dinners.  Alas, there was nothing on the shelf!  I ended up getting a few of their mini-meatloaves and rolls to make sliders.  Anyway, it's pretty sad.  Plus, I got a little addicted to the blog, so that has been taking up a lot of my time lately.  Go ahead and check it out - it's genius, and then you too will be as unproductive as I have been.  Tomorrow night we'll probably have scrambled eggs, if I'm feeling ambitious.

So, since we have another week to go before we're back to DOTP Tuesday dinners, I'm wondering what you've been cooking over at your house.  Any great meals you've made lately?  Any great meals you've thought up that are still "in the works?"  That's what I say when I keep looking at something in my fridge that I've purchased but never seem to feel like actually making, so then I eventually just shove it in the freezer and order take out.  Maybe just a good recipe you saw in a magazine.  Anyway, let us know what you've been up to in the kitchen (or in the kitchen in your mind), and maybe you'll see your ideas on our menu pretty soon!

Write about it in the comment section below, and we'll draw a random winner for our Toms One Day Without Shoes $50 gift card.

Speaking of Toms, last year DOTP participated in their One Day Without Shoes event to raise awareness of the millions of children and adults worldwide who do not have shoes, putting them at great risk of injury and disease.  We had a ton of fun delivering dinners barefoot!  This year, their event fell today, April 10th, when we had already planned to be off.  Since we loved the idea so much last year, we wanted to do it again this year, so we're just pushing it back one week to next Tuesday, April 17th.  We'll be delivering dinner barefoot and we'd love to see your pretty toes as well when we get to your house.  I'm also going to post about our DOTP One Day event on Facebook, so if you go there and "like" our status about it, we'll enter you for a chance to win another $50 gift certificate to buy your own Toms' Shoes.  (Alex and I each just got a pair of the wedges, and we are in shoe-love!)

I also wanted to remind y'all that this Friday night is the Cheers! wine-tasting event to support Brenner Children's Hospital.  I am really excited that Dinners on the Porch is going to have a tasting table there along with many other awesome local restaurants (even though wine is the main event, it never hurts to have a tasty little snack while you're working your way through so much vino!).  We hope to see you all there - you can still purchase tickets at their website!

Okay, so let me know what you're cooking', and I'll get to work making up a menu for next Tuesday, so look for that on Thursday afternoon.  In the meantime, kick your shoes off on the porch.

Claire & Alex