DOTP Loves Teachers & a Mother's Day Contest!

So, we are taking a week off next week - May 8th, but we were sad to realize that this means that we will not be making a pre-Mother's Day meal for y'all.  However, we did want to celebrate Moms with a fun little give-away!  Or actually two ...  see below for contest details!

We have also been busy trying to keep our May & June calendars from rising up against us in mutiny over all of the thousand + things we all have going on in these busy months.  Between school picnics and baseball practice, it's getting a little hairy.  We know you may be feeling the crunch too, so we're hoping this will help ...

Show your love for Teacher (but not in a creepy, "Don't Stand Too Close to Me" sort of way)

One thing that we don't want to let slide in this busy season is showing our appreciation for those saints who spend every day drumming facts and information and some semblance of manners into our children.  How do they do it?!?!  I've totally thrown in the towel on teaching my children anything, including tying their shoes, how to read a clock, or make the bed.  Fortunately, my kids have other people in their lives who do care if they become functional adults - their amazing TEACHERS!!!!

If you are looking for a way to show your love for these wonderful men and women who spend every day on the front lines, may I humbly suggest a DOTP gift certificate?  They are easy, small, can be used anytime, and they will let your favorite teacher spend a little time on his or her porch, enjoying the fruit of someone else's labors for a change!  Gift certificates are available in any amount, and for $2 extra we'll include a very cute, handmade card that you can sign, seal & deliver.  Cards will be available May 15th, but gift certificates are available anytime.

Email us at with the amount you'd like and the address you'd like it sent (to you or to another person), and I'll email you payment info.

And now for the Mother's Day Contest Details!!

We want to know two things:

  1. What do you most hope or want to have your family do for you or give to you on Mother's Day?
  2. What is the worst way you have spent Mother's Day?  (I know some of you have got to have really good ones - we all do!).
Our hope is to present a Cheat Sheet on Mother's Day for anyone who might be coming up short on creative ways to shower Mama with the love and attention she so clearly deserves.  We also want to do a little public service announcement regarding things that should not be a part of Mother's Day (picnics involving sandwiches that Mom has to make, gifts that may imply that Mom should a) lose weight or b) be a better maid.  I mean, we know these guys are trying hard, so we're just giving them a little extra help!

So, to enter the give-away, simply email us at with an answer to one or both of these questions before Tuesday, May 8th.  We'll publish them all - anonymously, of course, and then if you happen to leave the computer on this page or print out a copy and leave it on the bed, that's your business.  

We will select two winners (judged by a panel of independent experts, ie:  me & Alex):

Best Plan for Mother's Day Bliss
Winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to use at Suburban Outlaws - an awesome clothing/lifestyle company started by DOTP customer & friend, Jenni Mowery, and a certificate for two free personal training sessions at our favorite kick-butt, get you in shape for summer, sweat through your clothes gym, Crossfit Amplitude.  Check out their websites for inspiration!

Saddest Tale of Mother's Day Woe:
Winner will receive a $67 DOTP gift certificate to use for a dinner, a kids' meal, dessert and a GYTTW, because we think you deserve a week off from cooking!

Ok, good luck, start thinking & then email us with your winner Mother's Day ideas!!

Have a great weekend, y'all,

Claire & Alex