For the past approximately 45 years, Matt's parents have spent their summers on a tiny lake in the middle of nowhere, with no phone, no TV, no nothin. Matt spent his childhood summers there as well, swimming in the lake, catching frogs, digging holes and basically just doing the sort of thing that boys do when left to their own devices. Continuing this restorative tradition, we bring the kids up every summer as well.
So after a long drive featuring a great deal of bickering over the DS (because these deprived children actually have to share one, if you can imagine), we are here and happily installed for the next two weeks. The kids have already caught several toads, a few little fish, and are currently throwing a football around in the yard. It's good summer stuff up here.
My absence, luckily for you, does not mean no food this week! We will still have our very awesome Freezer Sale this Thursday afternoon, featuring all of our frozen favorites as well as Alex's Amazing Gazpacho and her delish Hummus as well!
We ask that you pre-order the Gazpacho since it doesn't keep, but the rest of our frozen casseroles will be available without pre-ordering.

Among other goodies, we will definitely have plenty of:
Cowboy Meatballs - such a yummy and easy family dinner! Serve with potatoes and a Salad and you are done.
Lasagnas - we will have DOTP favorite Butternut Squash as well as Italian Sausage, and you may want to go ahead and get one of each, as they are both so tasty.
Enchiladas - we have our awesome Chicken Verdes as well as a fabulous vegetarian version with sweet potatoes & black beans - unique & yummy!
Egg Stratas - such a great breakfast casserole for a weekend get-together. We will have several varities to suit your fancy!
Porch Pockets - these are taking over as one of our best-selling items, and with good reason! They are tasty, easy, can be served as an appetizer or a light dinner. If you haven't tried them yet, get on board!
& Much More!!
Come on by Sociale Gourmet on Thursday between 2-6 pm & stock up for whatever you have going on - we hate to think of you going hungry ... Or worse yet, cooking!

Next week we will be off, so be sure to plan ahead now.

Claire & Alex