The New Deal

It's on, baby!  We are almost as excited to be getting back into the swing of DOTP as we are to have sent our kids back to school.  (Because we love them so much, we are so super-excited for them to get back to learning.  Otherwise, we wish they could stay home all the time, telling us that they are hungry 50 times a day, leaving their wet bathing suits on the bed, and watching an endless loop of Phineas and Ferb.)

So, I promised an explanation of our new deal for the year.  We know that change can be unsettling, so here's your handy-dandy guide to what we're up to:

  • Sunday:  Look for an email from us with all of our offerings for the week to come!
  • Monday:  Order your dinner for Thursday night, including a selection of two Get You Through the Week meals to have on hand!  You may also want to think about weekend entertaining when you place your order, since it's always helpful to have food around for hungry kids &  friends!
  • Tuesday:  We'll be at the kitchen making the GYTTW meals, and we're planning on making a few extras!  If you find yourself having dinner-time stress, come see us between 4 and 6 pm and we'll send you home with an unfrozen casserole, maybe some soup and salad fixings, and a big smile!
  • Wednesday:  We'll be chopping, stirring, mixing and prepping our fresh meals to go out on Thursday!  You're on your own for dinner, but we know you smarties will just pop in the GYTTW meal that we dropped off on your porch last Thursday!
  • Thursday:  Leave your cooler our for us & then go enjoy your day - DOTP is on the way!  Your dinner will be on the porch by 5:30, ready to heat and serve.  Since you don't have to worry about dinner, spend a little more time hanging out with your kids, making time for a friend, or catching up on all of those pesky to-do items that seem to multiply like rabbits.  
  • Friday & Saturday:  Invite friends over for a no-stress dinner party, keep hungry kids at bay with DOTP leftovers, take a spare GYTTW casserole to a friend, or just enjoy a sit-down dinner with your family!

We've also got some other ideas up our sleeves for the Fall that we'll be rolling out soon, along with our very cool new website (where you'll be able to order & pay!).  But, we're trying to keep our husbands from moving out (as they often compare us to Lucy & Ethel!), so we agreed to take things one step at a time.

A few other things to note:

  • From time to time, our customers ask us about catering and event planning, but that's never been a big part of what we do (probably because by the time we're finished delivering dinners, we're too wiped out to think about anything else!).  However, with the help of one of our favorite people (who also happens to be one of our favorite employees), Beth Spieler, we are hoping to be a little bit more organized with that.  If you have a catering need, please email us and we will let you know if we can help you or, if not, we'll point you in the right direction.  
  • We love to be able to support the many wonderful non-profit fundraising efforts that so many of our customers participate in locally, so don't hesitate to ask if you would like a DOTP gift certificate for your event! 
  • We also love to help you help your friends and family out in times of need.  If you would like to send a meal or gift certificate to another person, we would love to help with that as well, so just let us know what you need and we'll get it done.
  • Please note that we have raised our prices a bit.  In the past two years since we started, the cost of food, gas and everything else has gone up, and while we hate to do it, we're really committed to providing a high quality food product to you, so we'd rather charge a little more and keep our quality high than cut corners by purchasing cheaper food.  As a novice to the food industry when I started out two years ago, I've been shocked to learn that many ingredients in commercially processed food - even things like onions, which are grown right here in North Carolina -  may come from as far away as China, simply because they are cheaper.  We want you to know that we are reading food labels, choosing local and organic food when we can, and serving our own families the same meals that we serve our customers.

I think that's all the news I know right now!  I hope y'all have a great Labor Day weekend - don't work too hard!  Look for a new menu up here on Sunday, and then we'll be back in business next Thursday afternoon & we'll hope to see you on the porch!

Alex & Claire