Bring Me More Mamacita's Tortilla Soup!

So, in full disclosure, I decided on this menu several days ago when the weather could not have been nicer.  However, as I'm writing this now, it's rainy, a little chilly, and just perfect weather for this amazing Tortilla Soup menu!  I love it, and I think y'all will too!

Thursday, September 20th:
Mamacita's* Tortilla Soup with Avocado:  your choice of Roasted Chicken, Pork or Vegetables
All the Fixings:  Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream, Jalapenos, Chips & Limes
Cilantro Rice
Southwestern Salad with Homemade Jalapeno Ranch Dressing
Kids Meal:  Shredded Chicken Soft Tacos ($6)
Dessert:  Brownies with DIY Icing & Sprinkles ($6)

GYTTW Selections:
#1  Chicken or Eggplant Tikka Masala ($25 reg, $30 large)
#2  Butternut Squash Goat Cheese Lasagna ($25 reg, $30 large)

Optional Extras:

Mimi's Chile con Queso ($6)
Spicy Pork Porch Pockets ($10)
Fresh Veggie Bag ($6)
Extra Jalapeno Ranch Dressing ($4)
Roasted Red Pepper Dressing ($4)
Salad Pack:  Organic Romaine, Veggies, Jalapeno Ranch & Croutons ($10)
Vantastic Pimento Cheese ($5)

Camino Bakery Goodies:
Granola ($4)
Pumpkin Bread ($5)
Cinnamon Raisin Bread ($6)

(Also in full disclosure, I cut and pasted much of this description from when we first made this meal in November 2010!  I was trying to think of a unique, fresh way to talk about it, but then I reread what I had written, and I think this still says it pretty well!  Plus, a lot of y'all are old like me, so you probably don't remember things you read almost two years ago, right?!)

This week's meal really is a make-your-own extravaganza, so it will be fun for everyone, no matter how picky!  You'll get soup, of course, made with roasted pork, chicken or vegetables, cilantro, chipotle, corn, tomatoes, and fresh avocado chunks.  It's so flavorful and savory that no one may notice that it's actually really healthy & filled with veggies.  You can dress your bowl up in a million different ways.  Stir in rice, top with cheese and jalapeños, crunch up some chips on top, squeeze on a lime and dig in.  Or maybe you're a purist and will go with naked soup.  It's up to you, but it will be fun to let everyone make his or her own perfect bowl.

If, like me, you're more of a salad person than a soup person, you can make the Southwest Salad the main event.  Have a little cup of soup, just because it's so tasty, but then create an awesome salad by adding, cheese, veggies, chips or whatever else you like to a bed of fresh greens.

Even though this meal is - in my opinion - very kid-friendly, I'm adding a kids' option because we had a very ugly scene one night over this very recipe.  I normally don't make my kids eat things they don't want to, but for some reason I really, really, really felt that Finn should at least try it.  He felt strongly the opposite, and it became, in family lore, "Tortilla Soup-gate."  Not pretty.  If you've got very picky eaters, you can get a small portion of plain shredded chicken and flour tortilla and let your kids load cheese or beans or whatever they want on top, thus avoiding tears and hair-pulling and saving more soup for you!

(* Mamacita was my mom's mom, and in all the years I knew her, I'm pretty sure she never turned on her stove.  When we visited, we were treated to such kid favorites as tomato aspic or a dry tuna fish sandwich with bread and butter pickles.  Mmmm.  Kids love that.  So in honor of Mamacita's lifelong rejection of cooking, I've named this very tasty, hearty soup after her.  She would probably be relatively indifferent to the honor, but I'm sure she would have liked the soup.)

For our Get You Through the Week meal choices this week, we've picked out two that we always hear rave reviews about!  The Tikka Masala is healthy, very flavorful, and a great way to introduce Indian cuisine into your family dinners.  It's not spicy, so you don't have to worry about kids not being able to eat it, and you'll all enjoy the great flavor of the chicken and tomato-based sauce over rice.  The Butternut Squash Lasagna is one that we normally offer as a vegetarian version of our regular Goat Cheese Lasagna with Italian Sausage, but this week we wanted to show off the veggie version all by itself.  This is a hearty, flavorful lasagna that will have vegetarians & non-vegetarians alike asking for seconds!

That's what we've got to eat - hope you'll find something you like!

See you on the Porch,

Claire & Alex

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