Freezer Sale Fun

So we're moving on over to Tuesday, starting next week, but in the meantime ...  we've gotta create a little elbow room in the freezer, so we're having a big-time freezer sale this Thursday!

Among other things, we'll have lots o':

  • Stratas - all varieties!  These feed a crowd, are great for dinners as well as brunches, travel well for weekend getaways, and are a whole lot easier than getting up early and making breakfast!
  • Tamale Pies - meat & veggie.  Everyone loves a Tamale Pie - they are amazingly popular with kids as well as adults, and served with a green salad, they are great for entertaining.  Keep one in your freezer for an impromtu get-together, and you'll be sitting pretty some busy night soon!
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Casseroles - ditto on the family friendly!  My kids will race to finish their first serving to try to beat the others out for seconds, so just make sure you clear the path to the kitchen when you serve this bad boy!
  • Wheatberry Bakes with Shrimp/Eggplant - these are a little bit elegant, so I like to save it for one of those nights when the kids have had a frozen pizza at 5 and my husband and I are planning to eat after they go to bed.  It's an easy, one-dish dinner that's healthy, flavorful, and fancy enough for date night!
  • Monte Cristo Casseroles - these are so much fun!  You'll feel like a kid again digging into layers of French toast, chicken, ham, cheese & jam!  Sweet and savory, it's a combo that won't last long on the table!
  • Soups - we'll have a variety of soups so that you can stock up for cold nights coming up!  
  • And much more!!!  
We almost never discount our casseroles, but this week we're going off the reservation!  Here's the deal:
  • Buy one, get $5 off the next one.
  • Buy three, get $15 off your total price!
  • Buy five, get $25 off - that's a whole free casserole!
So, that's what we'll have for you, and we're hoping y'all will all come hang with us - we'll have wine, treats for kids, samples & fun!

See you on Thursday from 3-6 pm at Sociale Gourmet on Knollwood! 

Be there or be hungry!

Claire & Alex