And now for something completely different …

Turkey sandwiches, anyone?  Ham?  How about some leftover sweet potatoes?  No, I say!  Not one more bite.  It's time for something else & we've got it for you!

Tuesday, December 4th: 
New Texas Chili Verde 
Chili Fixins: limes, green onion, cilantro sour cream & rice 
Greens & Homemade Jalapeno Ranch Dressing 
Camino Bakery Cornbread 
Vegetarian Option: Three Bean Chili Verde 
(Gluten Free Version upon request!) 
Kids’ Meal: Plain Chili & Rice ($6) 
Dessert: Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting ($6) 
GYTTW #1: DOTP Shepherd’s Pie (beef or boca, $25, reg, $30 large) 
GYTTW #2: Pasta, Plain & Fancy - Cheese Ravioli with two sauces, Pumpkin Chipotle & Smoked Brisket Marinara ($25, reg, $30 large) 
GYTTW #3: Friday Night Pizza Party ($22 reg, $30 large) 

Several years ago, we hosted a Super Bowl Party & Chili Cook-Off at our house for some friends and neighbors, where everyone was supposed to bring their own chili and we would vote for our favorites. As the only Texan attending the party, I naturally assumed that my chili would win. It was meaty, spicy, rich & red, just like all good chili should be. 

 The votes, however, were not in my favor, and a vegetarian chili was declared the winner. Putting aside that vegetarian chili would not even be allowed in a true Texas Chili Cook Off, the whole thing was a watershed moment that made me question everything. Or, at least, my chili skills. I went back to the drawing board, cookbooks, and other such sources for a truly great chili. A distinctive and delicious chili. After much trial and error, I think we have a winner (and this year, just to be on the safe side, I will also exclude vegetarians from the voting process).  And so I give you this amazing New Texas Chili Verde

I wrote about this great chili last year when we made it right after the holidays - it was a great meal to start the New Year off - green, fresh, and utterly different.  It's a mix of New Mexico, Texas, and just goodness.  You can read more about that right here.  We love adding all of the fixings right into the bowl, including a little lettuce, as you see pictured here.  As a bonus, this meal can also be Low Carb (if you don’t eat the rice & cornbread)! 

To keep things moving smoothly, you’lll want to stock up your freezer with some of our favorite DOTP Shepherd’s Pies. These pies are so tasty and satisfying that all you need to complete your dinner is a warm fire and a cozy blanket to curl up under once you’re finished eating. And, well, maybe someone to do the dishes so that you don’t have to do that. 

You'll want to keep a Pizza Pack on hand for a busy night when you may not have time to all sit down together, or when hanging out in the kitchen making fun pizzas together sounds better than struggling over which drive through everybody wants!  We love letting the kids come up with crazy pizzas - and we're always amazed that they will actually eat their own bizarre creations!

 This week, we’re also featuring something that Alex and I have been talking about for a while, Pasta, Plain & Fancy. We both struggle with trying to come up with meals that our kids will eat with minimum complaining, that are semi-healthy, and that don't feel like the grown-ups are eating school-lunch fare.  It's usually pretty easy to achieve two out of the three, but very rare to find one meal that meets all three of these lofty goals!  So we've been experimenting with pasta sauces lately (as we both love to make sauces!), and we made some great ones that we loved but our kids didn't and then some others that we all liked but didn't feel too adventurous, so we decided that the perfect pasta dinner would have a great pasta - like ravioli, and then a choice of sauces!  It was a lightbulb moment for us!  One pasta, two sauces.  You know, we may not have invented the IPad, or even those things that you can wear instead of a bra to keep the headlights down, but we sometimes do have some darn good ideas.  Anyway, we think you'll like this combo, and, more importantly, we think it's the best of all worlds when it comes to peaceful, healthy, tasty dinners!

As always, we've got other goodies available for you from our little Mini Grocery:

Mimi's Chile Con Queso & Chips ($5)
Roasted Red Pepper Dressing ($4)

Fresh Veggie Bag ($6)
Jalapeno Ranch Dressing ($4)
Salad Pack:  Organic Romaine, Veggies, Jalapeno Ranch & Croutons ($10)
Vantastic Pimento Cheese :  regular or Spicy!! ($5)

Camino Bakery Goodies:
Granola ($4)
Pumpkin Bread ($5)
Cinnamon Raisin Bread ($6)

That's it for this week, y'all!  I hope you see lots of things you like.  Let us know what you want & we'll get it going for you!

See you on the Porch,
Claire & Alex