DOTP Handy Holiday Calendar!

So now it's that time of year when the weeks seem to fly by so fast it makes your head spin & I feel like it might as well be Christmas already!

If you're waking up in the night wondering how you're going to get everything done to make Christmas happy, you're going to be happy to know that we've on top of the whole meals/gifts/holiday entertaining issues for you.  Here's a little DOTP Calendar of upcoming events to make these busy weeks lots more fun and much less stressful - win, win!

DOTP Meals & Holiday Events

Thursday, November 29th:  Thursday Take-Away

Tuesday, December 4th:  Tuesday  Dinner Delivery

Thursday, December 6th:  Thursday Take-Away

Tuesday, December 11th:  Tuesday Dinner Delivery

Saturday, December 15th:  Christmas Sale Extravaganza & All-Day Art Class for your kids (so you can go shop!!)
  • More Details to come, but plan on dropping your kids off for a fun day of art projects while you get some shopping done.  When you come back to pick them up, we'll have a Freezer Sale & Christmas shopping fun going on to help you cross of lots of items on that pesky holiday to-do list!
Week of December 17-21:  Elf on the Porch Deliveries!
  • The Elf on the Porch is our famous holiday tradition, and this year she's got a few new tricks up her sleeve!  Look for more details to come, but rest assured that the Elf is here to save you from Christmas-gift-giving stress and delight your friends and family this holiday season!
Tuesday, December 18:  Last Dinner Delivery of 2012!  Happy Holidays & New Year's Blessings!!

So print this up, stick it on your fridge, and then don't lose any more sleep over getting it all done - we're here to help!!

Claire & Alex