Merry Christmas Y'all!!

We will be "closed" from now until January, but we'll be back to our weekly dinners soon, with some fun new ideas & menus.

If you are coming to this website for the first time and would like to be added to our weekly email list so that you can begin ordering DOTP to your porch, please email me at and just ask to be added to the email list.  You can also read more about how our business works by visiting the links at the top of this page.

If you are in a last-minute gift frenzy, keep in mind that we have gift certificates available in any monetary amount you'd like.  This is the perfect gift for a new mom, busy friends, parents, a spouse, or really anyone you have on your list!  You can email, call or text me at (336)745-8300 if you are interested and we can get you all set with a cute gift bag and certificate!

Finally, while I was planning my own Christmas shopping, I wrote up a list of local stores and merchants I love, and I thought I would share that list with you all, in case you are Christmas challenged as well!  After almost 12 months of not shopping at Target (some of you may remember that that was my 2012 Resolution, and I've kept it!), I have noticed how much more I turn to locally-owned businesses when I need something, and I'm so happy about that.  I'm not going to lie:  Amazon Prime is still one of my all-time favorite things in life, right up there with Press & Seal plastic wrap, but I am beyond happy to see so many amazing, creative, successful local businesses in our awesome town, and I love to spend my money where I live.  

So, if you still have one or two gifts to buy (or, like me, basically all of your gifts!), here are links to locally-owned businesses where you'll find just the right thing!

For a neighbor or colleague:

Camino Bakery:  goodies, t-shirts, gift cards & more!  We love Camino!

Krankies:  great, locally-roasted coffee, t-shirts, or a gift card.  

Haute Chocolate:  Handmade chocolate truffles, hot chocolate, macaroons & cupcakes!  Amazing quality and fun flavors at this cute Burke St shop.

For the Sporty Set:

Mock Orange Bike:  If you love to bike, you already shop here, but if you're looking for your kid's first bike or an upgrade for a bike-lover, this is your store!

Fleet Feet:  I love the service and the great stuff in this store, so if you know someone who runs, you'll make their day with a gift card here!  

The Dash:  How great to give a Christmas gift that friends can look forward to using for months! 

For Your Fun Friends:

A/perture Cinema:  give movie tickets or a gift card, or donate $ in a friend's name to help this great business expand to a 3rd movie screen

City Beverage:  Stock up on holiday wine & beer right across Burke St. from Re-Tale.

For Your Girlfriends, Moms & Daughters:

Re-Tale:  We always find the best gifts at this inexpensive, creative Burke St. boutique!

Mainstream Boutique:  Our stylish friend Antira Mitchell has a fun & fashionable collection of clothes and jewelry that will make anyone look hip & cool!

Suburban Outlaws:  Find fashionable Western gear, cool jewelry, boots, bags & more on this cool web store created by our friend Jenni Mowery. 

Collage:  This cute shop on West End Blvd. specializes in rehabbing furniture into adorable new pieces that are fun & affordable.  You'll find yourself coming back again & again to see what's new! 

The Stores of Reynolda Village:  I love love love the old and new stores in this historic shopping area.  I recently wandered into The Little General, a beautiful fabric store where you can sign up for sewing classes (maybe 2013?), and Nekkid Dave's always has unique and lovely home goods for the friend who has it all.  Stop in to say hi to our amazing multi-tasking Felice Brenner over at J. McLaughlin and let her find you the perfect thing to wear on New Year's Eve!  There are tons of other stores here - something for everyone - and walking around the Village makes me feel like I live in a one-of-a-kind city, which I do!

Spas, Nails, Organizational Services!  There are so many small business and locally owned salons that are awesome!  Think of giving a friend the gift of time or beauty with a gift certificate to get her nails done (at the new, locally-owned Lotus Nails on Knollwood, perhaps), or her hair blown out at a local salon. 

I know there are so many more awesome places to shop, and I'd love to keep updating this list with recommendations from y'all, so please email me if you have a great idea for our local gift-guide!!

Happy Shopping, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year!!

Love & Peace to all of you & see you soon in 2013!!

Claire & Alex