Asian Celebration!

Tuesday, January 29th:

Main Meal:  Asian Celebration!
  • Make Your Own Spring Rolls with Chicken, Rice Noodles & Salad Veggies (GF)
  • Thai Green Curry with Chicken or Eggplant (GF)
  • Basmati Rice (GF)
  • Kids:  Bento Box with Grilled Chicken, Rice & Edamame with Sweet & Sour Thai Dipping Sauce ($6)
  • Dessert:  Chocolate Cake Pops (4 for $6)
GYTTW Options:
  1. Chicken Enchiladas Verdes/Sweet Potato Enchiladas Verdes
  2. Red Beans & Rice with Andouille Sausage (GF)
  3. Crock Pot Tarragon Chicken
  4. Pasta, Plain & Fancy Rotini with Southwest Pistachio Cilantro Pesto & Fiesta Tomato Meat Sauce
  5. Pizza Packs
Optional Extras:
  • Roasted Red Pepper Dressing ($4)
  • Fresh Veggie Bag ($6)
  • Jalapeno Ranch Dressing ($4)
  • Salad Pack:  Organic Romaine, Veggies, Jalapeno Ranch & Croutons ($10)
  • Vantastic Pimento Cheese :  regular or Spicy!! ($5)
  • Camino Bakery Pumpkin Bread ($5)
  • Camino Bakery Cinnamon Raisin Bread ($6)
So, there are some meals that, in the words of Jerry Maguire, "complete me."  Whenever we want a night off, a night to just lounge in our pjs and eat dinner in front of the TV, we always go for Thai.  My personal fave is the Thai Green Curry, which we are featuring this week, but we had an amazing revelation a few months ago when we went to a hole in the wall Thai place on a car trip - making our own Spring Rolls!  It was so fun and so tasty that we had to try it at home right away.  We bought all the stuff and had a fun night rollin' away.  Our kids even stuffed their rolls full of cucumbers and carrots, and they were awesome.  So, in the spirit of brotherly love, we knew right away that we wanted to make this a DOTP dinner!

Once you have your fill of fun Spring Rolls, you'll still have the delicious, life-restoring Green Curry delight.  It's loaded with chicken, vegetables and fresh lemongrass, all in a mild coconut milk sauce.  So delicious, so soothing that it will turn your Tuesday night upside-down!

I know you'll be sad when your Tuesday dinner is all gone (I always am), but you have lots of other good meals to look forward to.  Our Enchiladas are our all-time best selling dinner, and with good reason!  They are filled with healthy chicken, black beans, spinach and cheese, and then topped with creamy avocado sauce and just a little Mimi's Chile con Queso.  The Sweet Potato version is a delicious and healthy option that vegetarians and carnivores alike really love.  They are mild, with lime juice, spinach and black beans, and the same great Ninfa's avocado sauce and Mimi's Chile con Queso on top.  If it's too hard to decide which kind of Enchiladas you'll like best, just order a pan of each!

If you're experiencing the same winter-soup addictions that I am, you're going to appreciate my hooking you up with this Andouille Sausage Red Beans and Rice.  It's hearty, loaded with healthy beans, tomatoes and just enough sausage to lend delicious, smoky flavor.  On a cold winder night, you'll settle into a steaming bowl of goodness and thank us (and even if I can't hear you, I'll know it in my heart, and right back at you).  

Our Crock Pot Tarragon Chicken and Vegetables with Egg Noodles is a big pot of homemade comfort.  You'll throw it all in the pot, go take care of your life (or maybe put your feet up and read a good book?), and before too long, a delicious aroma will start to lure your family right to the dinner table.  And who made that delicious, healthy dinner?  You did!

This week's Pasta, Plain & Fancy combo is a yummy and family-friendly Southwest flavors.  On a busy weeknight, this will be on the table in 20 minutes, ready to feed the troops and keep you sane.  The Cilantro Pistachio Pesto tastes fresh and is not only good on Pasta, but is also an amazing sandwich spread or salad dressing.  The Fiesta Tomato Meat Sauce is mild enough for kids, but very flavorful and hearty, with beans, corn, tomatoes and organic ground beef.  Delish!

Finally, keep a Pizza Pack on hand for one of those nights when everyone is running in different directions and a quick, healthy made-to-order pizza is just the ticket.  Your kids will have fun topping their pizza flats with cheese, pepperoni and fresh veggies, and you'll be happy not to have to deal with tipping the delivery guy!

Keep your week running smoothly with our Optional Extras - Fresh Veggie Bags and Salad Packs greatly increase your odds of actually eating veggies this week, and goodies from Camino Bakery and Vantastic Pimento Cheese are nice little treats for the whole family! 

Check it all out, then let us know what we can start getting ready for your porch this Tuesday!!

Claire & Alex

Here are just a few things to keep in mind:
  • Email your order to and be specific!!!  
  • Size Matters!!  Now that we are offering Small, Regular and Large portions of our Main Meal, things are a little more complicated!  We only need you to specify if you want a Small or Large - if you don't specify a size, we will assume you want the Regular, $38 meal.  
  • If you do not like any particular ingredient, just let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate you.  If we can't do it, we'll let you know!
  • You will receive your confirmation & reminder on Monday night - call me asap on Tuesday morning if you do not receive that email because it means we do not have you on our list! 
  • Dinners will be delivered or be available for pick up at Sociale Gourmet on Tuesday afternoons between 2-6 pm.
  • If you are new, please send your address so we let you know if you are a pick-up or a delivery person.  
  • If you have any food allergies, please let us know!
  • If you like extras of anything like salsa, sour cream, etc, just let us know and we'll be glad to include it in your bag at no charge.
  • For any other questions, check out the Order 411 page or email me at
Crock Pot Give-Away Details!
The weather today is making me wish I had started something in my crock pot this morning!  I didn't, but next time it snows, I want you to be prepared with a good Crock Pot Dinner for your family!  We'll give a free Crock Pot Meal of your choice to one person who leaves a comment on our Facebook Page, so head over there and let us know what your favorite DOTP dinner has been!  I'll choose a winner on Sunday night!
Good Luck!