Fun with Deviled Eggs (or, what to do with leftover Easter Eggs that no one will eat!)

Okay, y'all.  I always to keep it real for you, and as I've told you before, more often than not, at least two of my three kids refuse to eat whatever I make for dinner.  They make mean comments, sometimes cry, and in general are unappreciative of my efforts (which, on the other hand, is lucky for you, since I might not have started DOTP if my own family were more fun to cook for).

Anyway, something happened on our recent vacation to the beach that was a new low, even for this crowd.  Here's the set-up.

We had several very rainy days while in South Carolina, and in a desperate attempt to get out of yet another hand of UNO, I suggested that we have a Deviled Egg Family Food Contest using the hard-boiled eggs we had dyed on Easter.  You would have thought I had told them we were going to Disney.  Seriously.  If you ever find yourself with a dozen hard-boiled eggs and an hour to kill, this is an amazing way to entertain children of all ages.

So, first I showed them how to make a Plain Jane Deviled Egg (mix yolk, mayo, mustard, dill relish, tabasco, salt & pepper and stuff back into the white).  Then we took everything out of the fridge that could possibly work (and some that could not), gave everyone two peeled eggs and a bowl, and everyone went to work.

Here are some scenes from the "cooking" portion of the contest.

Ruby dumped almost a whole can of Old Bay into her mix when no one was looking!

Finn wanted to try lots of unorthodox things from the fridge ...

And Gus was true to Wake Forest with his version - the Demon Egg.

Next, we cut them up and each tried a piece of everyone else's egg before the voting portion of the evening.  (The cups on the plate are for the votes - jelly beans.  The Bloody Mary in the background was for my sanity.)

And the voting begins.  All of the versions were pretty good - Finn won for presentation with his pickle-topped eggs, and I thought my addition of Lays chips was inspired.  Really, anything savory goes with pretty well with a Deviled Egg, so they all had good potential - Ruby's extreme Old Bay egg was a little hard to take, but we all ate it.

My egg, the Sails Away (yolk, mayo, a little spicy mustard, olive tapanade, and crushed Lays Potato Chips, plus a chip on the top as the "sail")was the last in the tasting, and here's what happened - just keeping it real!

Next week, tune in for more family fun when we have a Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest!