Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas ...

Tuesday, May 7th:

Calling All Cowboys & Cowgirls!
(small $32, regular $38, large $45)
BBQ Beef Brisket or Roasted Chicken
Warm Vegetable Salad (Salad Greens & Fresh Veggies)
Homemade BBQ Vinaigrette Dressing
Zesty Avocado, Corn & Black Bean Relish with Chips
Vegetarian Option:  Roasted Portobello Mushrooms
Kids' Meal:  Baked Chicken with Baby Baked Potatoes & BBQ Dipping Sauce ($6)
Dessert:  Marilyn Monroe Cookie Bars (aka, Camino Blondies! $6)

GYTTW Meals:
Hangover Noodles - Chicken or Veggie ($25)
Southwest Chicken or Veggie Pie ($25)
Ranchero Pork Taco Dinner Pack with tortillas, Homesick Slaw & Chips ($25)
Hit the Grill Flank Steak with Sriracha Honey Lime Marinade & Salad Pack ($30)
Make Your Own Pizza Packs ($22/$30)

Snacks & Goodies:
Fresh Salad Pack with Homemade Cilantro Ranch Dressing ($10)
Fresh Veggie Bag ($6)
Quart of Fresh Fruit ($6)
Mimi's Chile con Queso & Chips ($5/$10)
Camino Bakery Pumpkin Bread ($5)
Camino Bakery Cinnamon Raisin Bread ($6)
Vantastic Pimento Cheese ($5, regular or spicy)

On the occasion of Willie Nelson's 80th birthday this past week, I was listening to his classic song, Luckenback, Texas, and it got stuck in my head.  I didn't mind, because it's a brilliant song, but I realized that I was going around humming the first few lines - "The only two things in life that make it worth living, Is guitars tuned good and firm feeling women."  So, those are probably not the two things that make most of the rest of our lives worth living (but I have no doubt that they are for Willie Nelson), but I do love the simplicity of things that can make our lives feel good to us.  For me, it's usually little things - being outdoors on a perfect spring day, a backyard BBQ, Friday afternoons, or listening to one of my kids laugh uncontrollably.  That feeling of being happy in the moment you are in makes the world go round, and I appreciate that an old cowboy like Willie captured that so well.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, menu inspiration strikes in funny ways.  Sometimes I see a picture in a cookbook and make up a whole menu to incorporate that recipe - like the Wedge Salad meal, or sometimes I think about something I love to eat and I think y'all will too, or one of you emails to ask when we are making something again.  And then there are always holidays and seasons that give us ideas.  But this week, and more often than you'd think, it's totally random things that have nothing to do with food, like a song.

Luckenback, Texas is a real place as well as an awesome song, and it brought to mind bluebonnets, BBQ and beer, all of which are plentiful there, and some of which we can enjoy right here in Winston-Salem.  Then I always like to make our DOTP meals as healthy as possible without making them boring, so we love to pair great BBQ Brisket or BBQ Roasted Chicken with our classic Warm Salad Special (a Portland inspiration) of chopped vegetables that you warm until they are just softened and serve over greens with a drizzle of Homemade BBQ Vinaigrette for a meal that is as hearty and healthy as it is delicious.  You can enjoy the Avocado Corn & Black Bean Relish with chips as an appetizer or over the salad or just save it for lunch the next day.  It's all good, and everyone will find something to like.  Things are separated enough that people can customize the meal to their own liking while still basically eating the same dinner.

For purists, you may want to add the plain Chicken & Potatoes just to have in your back pocket - I always find reverse psychology works so well at meals, as in "I really hope you'll just eat the kids' meal and leave the good stuff for us."

Finish up with a sweet bite - Marilyn Monroe Blondies from Camino Bakery.  They are a rich cookie bar - with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips & sweet coconut - very irresistible!  

After your Tuesday dinner, you'll be feeling fine heading into the second half of the week, so keep that momentum heading in the right direction by stocking up on our yummy Get You Through the Week meal options.  No matter what you've got planned for the week - and I know that at this time of year it can be total mayhem, we've got you covered with easy weeknight family meals (Hangover Noodles, Chicken Pie, Ranchero Pork Taco Dinner), healthy options for feeding the kids if you're heading out (Pizza Packs, Fruit, Salad Packs), and a great dinner if you're planning on grilling with friends or family - our Hit the Grill Flank Steak with Sriracha Honey Lime Marinade (it's already getting rave reviews from our Thursday Take-Away Sale!).  Here's a little more info about those options!

GYTTW Meals:

    New Year Noodle Soup
    The pic that inspired my recipe - isn't it pretty!
  • A few weeks back, Matt and I had a little too much fun at our friends' dinner party, and we woke up the next day not feeling out very best selves.  It was no fun at all, but I bounced back a little faster than Matt, who seemed to be fading into a coma as the day wore on.  I decided to take action with a restorative-looking Noodle Soup recipe I had seen here online, and it worked.  With each bite, he seemed to grow stronger, and by the end of the meal, he was firmly back in the land of the living.  Henceforth, we call these life-giving noodles in broth Hangover Noodles.  (They are also good for people without a hangover, as in fact my children gobbled up multiple bowls, much to my happiness.)  This is a very hearty soup/stew, made with beans, spinach, cilantro, chicken, broth, lentils, seasonings, and noodles.  We include toppings of sour cream & toasted almonds to make it even better for you!  (Frozen)
  • Our Southwest Chicken Pie is always very popular (I think it rides the popularity coattails of it's cousin, the legendary Moravian Chicken Pie), and we try to make it often.  It's great for a light dinner with a salad, a gift for a friend, or a luncheon.  We make it with white meat chicken, corn, black beans, cheese, seasonings and a flaky puff pastry topping, and it comes frozen, so you can enjoy it anytime!
  • This week's Hit the Grill Flank Steak will be delicious marinated in our Sriracha Honey Lime Marinade. It comes with a Spinach Salad Pack for a delicious outdoor dinner for friends & family!  The meat comes frozen, so you can save it for the perfect night!
  • The Ranchero Pork Taco Dinner is an easy family dinner that will be a big hit!  Zesty tomato Ranchero sauce & pulled pork with cheese in a flour tortilla - it's a winner every time.  Top the taco with our yummy Homesick Buttermilk Slaw and Mimi's Chile con Queso - pretty hard to beat!
  • Make Your Own Pizza Packs are a life-safer on a busy night, and they are also a fun way to get your kids in the kitchen making their own dinner (bonus!).  We send you six or eight small pizza flats, pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, and then a variety of fresh vegetable toppings to make fun & nutritious pizzas that are both tastier & healthier than anything a pizza delivery guy is going to bring to your door!
So that's what we're making up for you this week, and we hope you'll find lots to love & make your life easier.  Of course, it's always the case that when the weather is perfect to enjoy lazy nights out on the Porch, it feels like there's no time to enjoy it, but I hopefully we can help you with dinner stress so you can have more of those things that make your life worth living!

Have a great weekend!

Claire & Alex

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