Happy Mid-Summer!! We miss you!!!

By now, summer is really underway, and everywhere I go lately folks are lamenting how fast it seems to be flying by!  I agree - wasn't it just yesterday that we were in the throes of end of school festivals and such?  Now my kids are tan and their hair is that crispy texture that comes from too much chlorine and very little shampoo, and I'm trying to banish the the annoying calendar calculator in my head that has counted down summer days since I was 8 years old.  Happily, as I keep telling myself, there are still many weeks to enjoy fireflies and that last trip to the beach or lake.  

So I just wanted to take a mid-summer moment to keep y'all posted on what we're up to and such, so that you can have that in your back pocket when you start thinking about the Fall (but not yet, okay?).  
  • Dinners on the Porch will be back in business as of August 29th.
  • We will be having our normal Tuesday Afternoon Deliveries every week, and we'll also be having Thursday Take-Away every week from 4-6 pm.  
  • If you are a new customer, it's easy to get started:  you'll receive an email letting you know that the menu is posted and we are open to take orders.  Then you just email us if you want to order, telling us what you want and giving us your address, and your dinner will be on your porch by 5:30 the following Tuesday afternoon.  You can also email or call with questions!  There is also lots of info right here on the blog at Order 411 and FAQs, so check that out as well.
While I haven't been in the kitchen too much lately (I literally can't remember the last time I cooked a whole meal for my family - yikes!), I have been busy doing summer-y things with the family.  In between swimming and trying predict whether it will or will not rain every afternoon ...

We visited the Lazy 5 Ranch.
We threw rocks in the creek.

We went to camp.
We met our new baby cousin Oliver.

We grilled.

And I turned 40 ... but instead of dwelling on that, here's picture my mom sent me when 40 was still many decades away, basking in the glow of a swim team participation ribbon.

Rocking a WonderWoman bathing suit.

Oh, and maybe you've heard, we've also got something really, really exciting cooking.  Can you guess what it is???  Go visit www.theporchws.com!  Details to follow!

We love you guys & hope you're having a fabulous summer!

all of us at Dinners on the Porch