Smoked Chicken Taco-Taco Salad Dinner

Tuesday, September 3rd:  Smoked Chicken Taco-Taco Salad

Main Meal:
(small, $32, regular $38, large $45)
Chipotle Smoked Chicken with Taco Fixings - soft flour tortillas, cheese, sour cream & hot sauce
Fresh Green Salad with Chopped Veggies & Homemade Jalapeno Cilantro Ranch
Avocado, Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salsa
Veggie Version:  Roasted Zucchini & Pepper Taco-Taco Salad
Optional Extra: 8 oz. Mimi’s Queso & Chips ($5)
 Kids’ Meal:  Smoked Chicken Soft Taco with Cheese & chopped Tomatoes on the side ($6)
Dessert:  Camino Bakery Blondies ($6)

Get You Through the Week:
Pie in the Sky Organic Beef Tamale Pie ($25)
Goat Cheese Lasagna with Italian Sausage or Butternut Squash ($30)
Israeli Couscous Salad Pack ($25, includes spinach salad & dressing for a complete dinner or lunch for 3-4)
Make Your Own Pizza Packs ($22, small, $30 large)

Optional Extras:
Fresh Salad Pack with Homemade Jalapeno Cilantro Ranch ($10)
Fresh Fruit Quart with skewers for Fruit Kabobs ($6)
Large Mimi's Queso ($7, 16 oz)
Vantastic Pimento Cheese - spicy or mild ($5)
Camino Bakery Sandwich-sliced Multigrain Bread ($6)
Camino Bakery Pumpkin Bread ($5)
Be Nice Bagel Company Cinnamon Raisin Bagels ($12 for 6 amazing fresh, organic bagels!)

Y'all, I am so happy to be back in the kitchen after a summer filled with looking at blueprints and talking to bankers and all of the ten million things I never thought I would be doing when I started Dinners on the Porch.  But I'm not complaining - I'm so excited to be moving forward with The Porch and am happy to tackle all the details, but I will admit that it's nice to "just" cook again!

This week we're starting the new year off right with a crowd-pleasing, delicious Tex-Mex inspired family dinner.  As always, you'll all be able to "make it your own," in the eternal words of American Idol judge Paula Abdul.  I love this awesome smoked chicken in smoky chipotle sauce, paired with either tacos or made into a big taco salad - it's so simple, yet so perfect!  Throw everything together or keep it all separate - it's all good!

Several people - I won't name names - have been pestering and agitating for Mimi's Queso, so we're making a batch for you junkies!  Let us know if you want to add that - we've got a small version with chips or a larger size without on the menu.

Our GTYYW meals this week are some of our most popular dishes - easy, tasty meals for every occasion.   Tamale Pies are great for hungry kids (I think one of my boys has hit "that stage" where he cannot get enough to eat!), and our Goat Cheese Lasagnas are perfect for a nicer dinner or a gift meal.  These meals both come frozen and can be baked from frozen or thawed, so you'll have them on hand anytime you need them!

The Israeli Couscous Salad Pack & Make Your Own Pizza Packs are not frozen, and we think they come in very handy on busy nights when people are going in different directions!  I always struggle with lunch, personally, so I love to have Couscous on hand for a healthy but hearty meal - much better than sneaking waffle fries from my kids' Chick Fil' A meal!  Our Make Your Own Pizza Packs have won raves from kids - love to make their own dinners!, and parents - love an easy, healthy dinner that kids are happy to eat!!  I agree - I always grab one to keep in our fridge as a Friday night treat for my kids!

Round out your week of food-serving by keeping fresh fruit, salads, Vantastic Pimento Cheese & fresh Camino baked breads on hand.  You'll find that the only thing you're running to the grocery store for is dog food (ok, maybe wine too ...).  

This week I'm also so excited to introduce y'all to Be Nice Bagels!  If you've had them at Krankies or other spots around town, you know how fabulous they are!  My kids love them & I'm really happy to have an easy breakfast on hand now that school Julie Carter, the baker & owner, is a fellow West-Ender and is adorable, so I'm excited to watch her business grow!  

That's what we've got on deck for this week!  I hope y'all all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend and get to enjoy the sunshine.  We're looking forward to hearing from you & seeing you on your porches on Tuesday!

Thanks everyone!!

Helpful Hints:
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  • Orders received after 8 am Monday are not likely be able to be made, but you are welcome to email.
  • There is a $35 delivery minimum.  If your total is less than $35, you can pick up or just ask to have delivery and pay the difference (if your total is $32, for example, you'd be paying $3 extra for delivery)
  • Special Requests
  • Please let us know if you have food allergies!!
  • The following special requests are easy & not a problem, so just indicate that in your email.
    • Half Veg, Half Chicken
    • Gluten-Free Meal
    • Not Spicy
  • Other Special Requests - such as not wanting a particular ingredient in your meal or wanting extras of something, may be fine, so just let us know & we will get back to you if we can/can't do it.
  • Delivery & Payment
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