Pollo Ranchero Especial!

Tuesday, September 24th:  Pollo Ranchero Especial!
(small $32, regular $38, large $45)

Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco Dinner - spicy or mild
Corn or Flour Tortillas* 
Homesick Slaw
Taco Fixings:  beans, cilantro rice, sour cream & pickled jalapenos
Living Lettuce Salad with Chopped Veggies & Avocado Dressing
Vegetarian Option:  Ranchero Squash Taco Dinner
Kids' Option:  Chicken Quesadillas ($6)
Optional Extra:  Three Amigos - Mimi's Chile con Queso, Guacamole, Homemade Salsa & Chips ($10)
Dessert:  Pam's Pink Lemonade Cupcakes ($6)

GYTTW Meals:
Flamenco Chicken & Artichoke Rice Casserole ($25)
Booyah BBQ Stew & Cheesy Cornbread ($25)
South Congress Chicken or Veggie Lasagna ($25)
Make Your Own Pizza Packs ($25)

Grocery Goodies:
Fresh Salad Pack with Homemade Cilantro Ranch ($10)
Fresh Fruit Quart ($6)
Homemade Cilantro Ranch Dressing ($7, 16 oz)
Camino Bakery Pumpkin Bread ($5)
Camino Bakery Multigrain Sandwich Bread ($5)
Be Kind Bagels Cinnamon Raisin Bagels ($12)
Vantastic Pimento Cheese - spicy or mild ($5)

This is such a fun meal this week!  Y'all know I try not to do TexMex every single week, but I do love it!  

I'm running between various meetings this morning (Porch planning!!), so I haven't updated the blog yet, but I wanted to get the menu email out this morning and let you know that you are welcome to order now!  I've described the meal below (sorry it's a bit of a Franken-mail, as I pasted yesterday's Take Away descriptions on there too), but I'll hopefully have a chance to get the blog done later today.  If you have questions, though, just email! 

We made these Ranchero Tacos last Spring on a whim, and they were so good that we've been waiting anxiously to do them as a meal asap!  It's delicious smoked chicken in a tomato-based enchilada sauce, with lots of cheese melted on top!  You warm it up, scoop it into soft tortillas, and then load it up with whatever good toppings you like!  Paired with a beautiful Living Lettuce Green Salad with veggies and a zesty homemade Avocado Dressing, it's a Taco Dinner that deserves its own celebration - maybe you can come up with your own!

Add onto your dinner with our Three Amigos pack and some awesome Pink Lemonade Cupcakes with Marshmallow Creme Frosting and you'll be ready for a party!  Isn't Tuesday night so fun!?

GYTTW Meals:

  • Flamenco Chicken & Artichoke Saffron Rice Casserole ($25)  This is a wonderful, healthy dish that kids and adults will enjoy.  It's made with tomatoes, saffron rice, chicken, and artichokes.  We have been making it for about a year, and it's always one of our most popular!  Gluten Free

  • South Congress Chicken or Vegetable Lasagna ($25)  We love this Tex-Mex version of everyone's favorite meal!  It's made with regular lasagna noodles, layered with white-meat chicken, beans, mild tomato salsa, cheese & veggies.  It's perfect for family dinners or weekend entertaining - just pair with chips & guacamole and a green salad and you've got a dinner party!
  • Booyah BBQ Stew & Cornbread ($25)  This awesome barbeque stew is loaded with smoked chicken and pork, corn, beans & amazing flavor!  It's perfect for an easy family dinner - and it's so hearty that it will see kids through sports practice or hours of homework!  Stock up to have on hand when you need a fast fix! Gluten Free
  • Friday Night Pizza Packs ($25)  Let the kids make 'em while you enjoy a glass of wine - they'll love it, you'll love not having to make dinner (plus it's sooo much healthier than regular pizza, but don't tell anyone that!).
  • Fresh Salad Packs ($10)  A big bag of spinach, fresh chopped veggies, cheese, croutons & our Homemade Cilantro Ranch Dressing.  Elevate anything hiding in the back of your pantry to "dinner" status with a great salad!  Gluten Free
Be sure to stock up on Bagels, Bread & our other Grocery Goodies to keep hunger at bay and busy weekday breakfasts a snap!  We'll drop it all off to you Tuesday and you'll just fly by the grocery store for the rest of the week - yay!

Y'all have a great Friday & we're really looking forward to seeing you on your Porch this Tuesday!  


Order 411:
  • Please email your order to dinnersontheporchorders@gmail.com
  • *Our default for this meal is Mild, Regular Size, Flour Tortillas.  If you want Spicy, Small or Large, or Corn Tortillas (gluten free), please specify that in your email!
  • Orders are open from Friday through Monday morning at 8 am, but some items do sell out, so please place your order early to guarantee we can make it for you!
  • If you are new, please include your address & phone number in your email
  • Orders will be confirmed via email on Monday night - please call me asap on Tuesday morning if you do not receive a confirmation email!! (336)745-8300
  • Orders will be delivered Tuesday between 2-5:30 pm
  • More "how to" info is linked on the blog at Order 411 and FAQs.
  • Please let us know if you have food allergies!