The End of an Era!

Y'all, we're (hopefully!) having our last DOTP delivery from Sociale Gourmet this coming Tuesday, and we're going to end where we began, with our Rio Grande Chicken Enchiladas Verdes.  I'm pretty sure that without them, there would be no DOTP!  Of course, we're a little bigger now & have a few more tricks up our sleeve, so there's lots to choose from this week!

Tuesday, November 5th:
(small $32, regular $38, large $45)
Rio Grande Chicken Enchiladas Verdes (spicy or mild)
or Rio Grande Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas (spicy or mild)
Veggies & Cilantro Ranch Dip
Fresh Guacamole & Chips
GF Option:  Corn Tortilla Enchilada Casserole (specify spicy or mild, chicken or veggie)
Kids' Meal:  Chicken Quesadilla ($6)
Dessert:  Camino M&M Blondies (no nuts, $6)

Booyah BBQ Stew & Cheesy Cornbread ($25; gluten free)
Singpore Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken & Rice ($25)
Sneaky Mac & Cheese ($20; one large pan or 4 individual ones!, vegetarian)
Make Your Own Pizza Pack ($25)
Fresh Salad Pack ($10)

Grocery Goodies:
Large Mimi's Queso ($7)
Large Cilantro Jalapeno Ranch Dressing ($7)
Fresh Fruit Quart ($6)
Camino Bakery Mini Pumpkin Bread ($5)
Camino Bakery Multigrain Sandwich Bread ($5)
Be Nice Bagels Mini Sea Salt Rosemary Bagels (6 for $6)

So, I'm pretty sure that most of you have already had out yummy Rio Grande Chicken Enchiladas, but if you're new to the drill, they are made with chicken or sweet potatoes, black beans, fresh spinach, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and covered in our Ninfa's Green Sauce & Mimi's Queso - there's nothing not to like!  We can do it spicy or mild, and if you're going gluten free, we're happy to do a Rio Grande Enchilada Casserole with corn tortillas instead.

The Enchiladas are a pretty substantial meal, so we're pairing them with some crunchy fresh veggies & Cilantro Ranch, and Chips & Fresh Guacamole for an appetizer.  It's the perfect compliment to this very tasty & fun dinner!

This time of year is also perfect for DOTP Get You Through the Week favorites like Booyah BBQ Stew (chicken & pork, corn, veggies & awesome BBQ flavor) and our Sneaky Mac & Cheese (homemade with cauliflower puree - the kids will never know!!).  If you are a crock pot person (let's face it, some people are, and some are not!), this is a fabulous Crock Pot meal!  We've done all the work, you just pop everything in and you're good to go for dinner!  It's fresh & healthy, with Asian flavors and rice, so it's very family-friendly!

Don't forget to stock up on other Grocery Goodies, Salad Packs & Bagels and Breads to keep your house happy & well-fed.

That's all we've got this week, so we hope there's lots here to help you spend more time having fun and less time in the grocery store!!

see y'all on the Porch soon,

Claire & all of us at Dinners on the Porch

Things to Know:

  • Please order ASAP or by Monday morning at 8 am via email to
  • The Delivery Minimum is $35, but you do not need to order a Main Meal so long as your total is $35.
  • If you are sending a gift meal, just give us the name and address where it's going and we'll send the bill to you!  
  • Please specify the size, vegetarian, gluten free, etc in your email.
  • If you are new, please include your address & phone number
  • If you are outside of our delivery area, we'll let you know!
  • Please include any allergy information in your household!
  • Meals will be delivered between 2-5:30 pm on Tuesday.  
  • You will receive an email confirmation and reminder on Monday night, so please call me ASAP on Tuesday morning if you did not get one, as it may mean that your order email is in cyberspace!  (336)745-8300